[Petition] China heavy tanks

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[Petition] China heavy tanks

Postby hellfirelinkin » Tue 11 Feb 2014 08:45

Since the news that ZTZ-96 and ZTZ-99 will likely not be included in Red dragon, a heated debate has started within the community on whether this is appropriate.

Many have point out that since NATO countries are allowed to have their 3+ gen tanks ( M1A2, Leopard 2A5 and Leclerc etc) and even Japan and SK got theirs ( Type 90 and K1) It is pretty unfair that China cannot have an equivalent tank. The game is suppose to have China as the main cast (RED DRAGON) and it is beyond understanding that they will rip off China's capability on land , given that ground troops have long been China's best bet.

Therefore I here raise a petition to persuade EUGEN to add them in the game. Please leave your forum name/game name to show that we are concern about this.

For example:


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Re: [Petition] China heavy tanks

Postby ericdude88 » Tue 11 Feb 2014 08:48

I would change request from ZTZ-99 to 98, though there isn't a really huge capability difference between them (just aesthetic model).

Definitely signed though. ericdude88

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Re: [Petition] China heavy tanks

Postby OpusTheFowl » Tue 11 Feb 2014 08:49

As MadMat is away until Wednesday, how about we keep the speculation, "maybes", pitchforks and mobs at bay until he gets back and sets the record straight.


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Re: [Petition] China heavy tanks

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Wed 12 Feb 2014 02:34

Just like we have resisted every pressure to add the Leclerc, M1A2 or T-90 in ALB, there is no way we are adding the ZTZ-96+ in RD.

China won't just have the ZTZ-59, if that's what troubling you, it will have heavier tanks. But just no ZTZ-96. Period.

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