Campaign scenarios you want?

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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby Rorschach » Fri 14 Feb 2014 20:33


The USSR and USA escalate tensions, culminating in the Soviet Invasion of Guam.

UK vs China

China invades Hong Kong, UK defends its old colony.

NK vs SK

It finally happens.....

China/NK vs SK/Japan/some US forces

As both sides in the Korean conflict call on their allies to aid them, and with Japan afraid of a communist unified Korea, the war escalates. USA is tied up elsewhere, but manages to send an expeditionary force

China vs USSR

Border conflicts finally escalate into an all out war

Commonwealth vs China/NK OR Russia

A Russian/Red Dragon (don't know which is better) force lands in northern Australia, and begins to head inland. Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand respond.

Eurocorps vs China

A Chinese occupation of Vietnam, in the face of the global military conflict, forces the French to defend their former colony. Germany can tag along, y'know, if they want. Allies with France and stuff.


USA/Commonwealth/Eurocorps vs China/USSR/NK

A defeated Korea/Japan forces the old allies of NATO to confront the communist beast in the east. China and Russia, in the face of this western imperialism, form an unlikely friendship. The fight for a free Asia begins.....
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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby Killertomato » Fri 14 Feb 2014 20:42

US vs. USSR, an invasion of Alaska in 1995.

If it wasn't for those damn books, I'd suggest Eugen call it Twilight...
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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby Flieger » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:02

I specifically wonder what scenario brings W-Germany to Korea/SEA, considering the USSR and WP are still intact.

My (not so likely) idea:

Eurokorps vs Red Dragon

The BGS, which was guarding German embassies and Lufthansa (not Luftwaffe) installations abroad, strengthens its forces in South Korea responding to an official request by the ROK government. The BGS is needed to temporarily bolster the ROK troops along the border due to a military build up in NK, and doing what they can do best, guard a heavily militarized border. The German presence along with other foreign military units, especially France, is supposed to keep NK in check. Bundeswehr units are not send because it would find very little support among the German population.
Although the WP has declared neutral, China backs NK leading to an invasion of the South. With the BGS forces heavily beaten, the allies driven back, and the Europeans demanding of W-Germany to unleash the Bundeswehr, a select group of units is dispatched to Korea in order to fight alongside the European allies.

More likely I could imagine an UN humanitarian mission, which initially is guarded by some German Fallschirmjäger, but goes horribly wrong leading to a military build up; all in cooperation with France of course. Bundeswehr units were used in humanitarian missions even before the reunification.

Also more likely is a Casus Foederis of some kind, although this is actually quite difficult to pull off.

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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby another505 » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:06

Chinese invasion of japan!!

i actually want see japan expansionist policy again... :lol:
i want them to invade australia

its absurd and outrageous, but heck! i will have fun!
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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby Tac Error » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:15

Hm? No one's thought up with a scenario where the U.S. assists or even intervenes on the side of the PRC in a Sino-Soviet War, like in Twilight 2000?

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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby StormTalon627 » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:15

Wait, campaigns can only be played from one side? But I want to invade Hokkaido as the Soviets, finish off where WW2 left off!!! :(

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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby Swingfire » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:23

Wasteland 2

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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby Mr0Buggy » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:34

As much as I know it won't happen, I would love some campaign making use of the updated Minors in the DLC. Autumn of Nations gone hot anyone ?

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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby ericdude88 » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:37

Well, seeing the "Hong Kong defense" scenario, I'm also expecting to be able to play a "Hong Kong liberation" scenario as PLA.

Other than that, perhaps a PLA invasion into South Korea, and a Diao Yu scenario (though admittedly the PLAN of this timeframe may make this seem unrealistic).

Ultimate dream would be Chinese invasion of Japan...

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Re: Campaign scenarios you want?

Postby OpusTheFowl » Fri 14 Feb 2014 21:43

ericdude88 wrote:Ultimate dream would be Chinese invasion of Japan...

I'd like to see Japan romp China (again)...That would be a great scenario.

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