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Re: Idea for Naval Maps

Posted: Wed 5 Mar 2014 05:56
by Zoring
Raven often seems to be the only sane person on the forum, and from what I can tell the only sane person who has beta access (if this offends you, treat it as if was just a joke!) so I am completely behind this suggestion, I have not obviously played the beta, but it sounds like a great suggestion.

Re: Idea for Naval Maps

Posted: Wed 5 Mar 2014 09:29
by Jereth
This probably belongs in the closed beta forum.

If I understand correctly, you are suggesting basically two things:
  1. Remove the ability to act as a CV from all ships.
  2. Make some more interesting maps with bigger islands.
Please forgive the simplification, by no means am I minimizing your ideas. On the contrary, I believe both points are absolutely correct, although I think you're focusing too much on the second point. It's still closed beta, and I'd give Eugen the benefit of the doubt that there are many more exciting maps to come besides D-Day. They could remake the map or simply redraw one big sector around the small islands and up the value, but the layout of Another D-Day in Paradise isn't really the issue, which leads us to the heart of the naval problem, your first point:

Remove the ability to act as a CV from all ships

I can't think of one closed beta tester I've talked to that doesn't agree at least on this change, either by itself or as part of a broader solution. Regardless of other adjustments to ship balance, this fundamental change would make amphibious (or airborne...) landings mandatory for capturing naval zones. Quite frankly, this change seems as clearly needed as the "raining men" fix was for W:ALB. Lets just hope it doesn't take as long to get implemented.

As far as other naval changes go, I'm sure there are a lot of good ideas floating around, I have a few of them myself... But as far as I'm concerned they are moot points until ships can't cap zones by themselves.