Noob needs help

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby shomu1 » Tue 8 Apr 2014 23:08

Your first flaw was using vanilla M1s. Don't do that. Use M1IPs instead. They're 10 points more expensive, but the extra armor keeps them alive.


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Re: Noob needs help

Postby saber2243 » Tue 8 Apr 2014 23:23

varis wrote:You may try and contact some friendly bunch like PLF... it's likely you'll get at least a few pointers.

Jereth wrote:
  • Connect to our TeamSpeak server (
  • Play some games with us
  • Don't be a jerk
If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post here or on our forum, or contact one of our officers.

I Will give you the same advice and offer

But check out PLF to, we play with them alot and they are great guys (until they beat us :lol: )
Peace through Superior Firepower

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby BigMorgan » Tue 8 Apr 2014 23:48

Watch other people's replays. Watch your own replays from your opponent's perspective.

I watched the 2nd replay you posted and your relying far too much on bad tanks. You need infantry, helicopters (not just recon, but something that can stun and/or kill), ATGM carriers, and you need your tanks to be used carefully. Sticking them out 500+ meters in front of your line leaves them extremely vulnerable. Don't use tanks in packs, spread them out.

Most importantly, you never brought any effective counters to what the enemy presented. That's why a handful of expensive tanks was able to defeat you almost single-handedly.

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby Turtle313 » Tue 8 Apr 2014 23:50

I would also recommend youtube videos.
There are a lot of them out there. I would recommend the channel of "ramjb" cause i find him to be a very sympathic person and he also doesn´t play Wargame for a long time now, therefore he´s explaining a lot in his first vids (but even in later ones.)

--> Read the huge guide which GabrielColt linked for you. I think a majority of the players read threw this, when they started. (but don´t fall for units which are mentioned there, a lot of stuff changed since then, but it´s still full of good general information.
--> Watch some replays on youtube
--> Do some games against the AI to get a feel how to defend against several units.
--> Spend a lot of time in the arsenal and look threw the units. (First u have to understand what each stat stands for)
--> When it comes to MP host a "noobs only" game. I´m sure not everybody who will join ur lobby is a noob, but at least they can´t flame when you aren´t doing good. Focus on defending, just support pushes of teammates until u feel comfortable enough to try your first assaults.

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby mokkc1999 » Tue 8 Apr 2014 23:56

with tips regarding tanks, pls refer to my "how to use nato tanks" thread, there r some good ones for noobs

for me i never use m1 and m1IP cos the lack of 120mm gun, i tend to choose tanks with 2275m gun range except m60a3 just as cheap tank

basically if u see incoming tank that has a higher price tag than yours, GTFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

refering to previous post, go and play against AI in skirmish (make a tank only deck with tanks of ur choice for AI to use), understand how enemy tank behaves n their ability

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby Koekemoeroetoe » Wed 9 Apr 2014 09:15

Thanks for all the replies folks :D

I think your tips can help me out very well!

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby popkiev » Wed 9 Apr 2014 10:13

I've got a meta-game advice for newcomers:

customise your UI: make unit icons clearly visible and learn them. Knowing what kind of units you're dealing with is an absolute necessity. Learning tons of names is confusing and difficult for newbies, but clear graphic unit indicators help you identify threats and deal with them.

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby TKN_Jez » Wed 9 Apr 2014 10:56

Hey Koekemoeroetoe,

I was one of your opponents on the second one, keep spending time in the armory bro :) learning the powers and weaknesses of both your and opponents units is a great advantage on the battlefield. You got loads of good advices here, keep going on the training and enjoy :)

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby fdsdh1 » Wed 9 Apr 2014 13:31

Koekemoeroetoe wrote:Hey guys,

So, I've been playing Wargame Red Dragon in multiplayer mode lately, but I keep getting slaughtered every. single. freaking. time. I have several decks, both BLUFOR and REDFOR. I just barely manage to get any kills with my units, they get destroyed before the enemy is even in range. Defending a spot in conquest mode is useless this way. I do use recon's, if possible with exceptional sights, or else very good. In most of the decks I have at least one napalm bomber and a cluster/carpet bomber. I've got several tanks, from expensive to really cheap. It doesn't matter what units I use, I keep getting annihilated... For example, an enemy T-72 WILK destroyed my two M1 Abrams (80$ units), even before these tanks had hit the T-72 more than 2 times. Even when it hit, the T-72 took like 1 bar damage, while a hit on my M1 took like 5 bars at once.

Now, I don't mind losing a game, as long as the match is fair. However this way, with me standing no chance at all, it's starting to get really annoying for me to play. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, and I hope you guys can give me a few tips, maybe some suggestions for good (starter) decks. So, what kind of units might give me a bit more of a chance on the battlefield? And any tips for me? What units to avoid, what to have in my decks definitely etc. If more info on my playstyle is needed, please ask.

Thanks in advance!


Koekie (your n00b in need :mrgreen: )

get lots of decent artillery in your deck
I always get 2-4 pieces at the start of the game, and also 2 mortars to accompany my tanks and inf

if you click on the arty at the side and press ctrl + 1 for the rest of the game you can just press 1 to select it which saves a lot of scrolling, you can assign any unit a number, I usually just do it for support things

support every advance with a smoke screen from the mortars, and use decent artillery to go and shoot at their stronger units

good recon is also really important as well as helicopters try and get the recon inf preferably in a small squad of 2

In my deck the only tanks under 100 pts I use are Chieftain Mk. 10 (65pts I think) and 11 (80pts) because they have 120mm guns as opposed to the 105mm on the early Abrams and have better armour than most equivalent tanks
btw Challenger 1 Mk. 1 is pointless, just get the Mk. 2 or Chieftain Mk. 11

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Re: Noob needs help

Postby monochromatic » Wed 9 Apr 2014 13:43

Another user made a similar thread asking for help and it is filled with useful advice. Read it, it will certainly apply to you to a big extent.


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