Campaign feedbacks

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby Person012345 » Tue 29 Apr 2014 04:28

Grabbed_by_the_Spets wrote:- See's all knowing AI literally weave though gaurd outposts without scouting and going straight to the rare-end of where I was hiding my CV.

It's funny that I mentioned this and I had a load of people jump on me telling me that it didn't happen and giving me a load of terrible advice on protecting my CVs. It's not that I can't protect my CVs, sometimes though either through negligence or a break in the line the enemy has a chance to break through. Ok, that's fine I can deal with that and usually the CV is f-d in that situation (although I do try my best to position the CV so it can escape). What annoys me is that this not being a thing was a specifically advertized feature for RD and part of the reason I bought it (not that RD would be worth it even if it worked properly but that's another thing). It should not be able to make a direct beeline for a CV it shouldn't be able to see. Sometimes you get really bad optics tanks and a CV in a hedgerow - clearly the tanks can't see the CV because they aren't firing at it, even in range, but they go straight for it anyway. I can't move it of course because then it will be spotted and promptly annihilated. As soon as they get into estimated spotting range they open fire. Funny how that works isn't it. I've since gone back to the old strategy I had against the all-seeing AI where I just try and put as many LoS breaking objects between my squishy CVs and the likely enemy attack vectors as possible.

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby prusak » Wed 30 Apr 2014 20:01

Please more days all campaign because all campaign are too short

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby Zomba69 » Mon 5 May 2014 15:19


I just ended third campaign and I am quite happy with it, thanks Eugen!

Of course some things could have been better, especially AI, although it surprised me several times. Also, I did not feel to much differences in difficulty level and I did not have much problems to completely destroy the opponent, but after hundreds of hours in AB, I cannot imagine how is for beginners to play the campaign.

There is much improvement in every segment from AB and I do not want to compare too much with AB, especially with EE. I really enjoy dynamic campaign concept and I can create my force as I want and go (more or less) the way I want. For those stucked on the same maps - maybe you should try different strategies? Take more risk? And be careful with initiative points, because those units with 2 will not join battle first turn.

Regarding timer - I hated it in AB, but I like it in RB a lot. It makes things more realistic and it makes you act differently depending on your force and objective that you want to set up for that turn. You can slow down the timer if it gets really intensive, but I did not have need to use it too much. I m sure with mod it gives different experience and for sure I will try that one, too.

I am only concerned how much campaign are repayable. I could play AB over and over again and actually make game to react differently each time. I m not sure how much it will be interested to reply this one (I mean first 3) with same units. In AB you could never use all forces available in one campaign, but here I am afraid I will get bored with same troops. However, I sure to play it once more and made AI to battle in other maps :D Maybe to have different difficulty levels for each (but real difficulty differences)?

And do not use auto resolve!

Great work and I am looking fwd for 4th and 5th.

Thanks Eugen, the best RTS I have ever played (and most realistic even with all its down sides)

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby molnibalage » Tue 6 May 2014 11:39

After I have learned the weaknesses of AI it was chiledplay to wind the last campaingn (USSR vs USA + BD) which is theoretically should be the hardest. That was the only campaign where I achieved major victory....

I tried first the most easiest and even I did not understanded the system I won.

The second Red Dragon vs. USSR was far the hardest. I started from turn 4 about 5 times to achive just minor victory in the last turn. Unless the AI was not dumbass and plain stupid it would be an impossible campaign. Eith your garbage RD stuff you have 0 chance to win against top tier fighters, helos and tanks aganist just an average human opponent. Only problem that AI is soooooooooooooooooo stupid... It send AC into the death against SAMs, helos flew alone without escort and downed all helos with cheap J-7s withot almost any loss. The air cover of strageic maps is used very bady.* T-72A and T-80s do suicidal frontal attacks where my only effective tools were HOT ATGM helos and Mi-8 with ATGM. The only thing why I was able to win because AI did not have fighters to counter them beacause of suicidal usage of their stuff...

*In Pearl of Orient campaign I won most of battles simply by sitting and defending while my hordes of AV-8 with rocket killed sometimes 2/3 of the enemies... Same case was in 4th campaign, with YAk-38 with FAB-500 sometimes I gained 80% of kills. I simply bombed to death any enemy tank, even the best Japanese stuff.

Playing campagins can be good for begginers to achive some positive experenice but leads players into totally false playing style. If I followed the same playing style against human opponent what I did in campaign I wold lose all of my game...

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Re: Are you enjoying the Campaign?

Postby FalconAce » Thu 15 May 2014 10:45

Guggy wrote:

Replace the current NDF_Win.dat in the WARGAME/PC/430000210 folder with that. 60 minute timer on Campaigns.

Tried this dat file and it doesn't work with v295

As for the AI it seems pretty unsophisticated. Other games have good AI I don't see any reason why Wargame has to have sub par AI. It really is an awesome game and there is nothing else like it but it is a pity it is let down by the AI when it could be so much better. Even Chess Titans which comes free with Windows 7 has decent AI.

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby John Boyd » Thu 15 May 2014 11:22

I was immensely disappointed when I finished the first campaign only to have there be couple sentence congratulating me, and no narrator outro. That would have been a nice touch.

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby Vulcan 607 » Thu 15 May 2014 12:10

Bring back Random events like in airland battle they were great also I would like to have strategic supports reintroduced. For the Pearl of the orient campaign can more enemy units get added and a few more reinforcements to counter say a para unit an additional squadron of interceptors some HE bombers (the mb339 wouldn't be bad either) and better ships to replicate the type 42 and type 22 ships.

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby guguku » Sat 17 May 2014 16:42

John Boyd wrote:I was immensely disappointed when I finished the first campaign only to have there be couple sentence congratulating me, and no narrator outro. That would have been a nice touch.


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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby guguku » Sat 17 May 2014 16:54

I like the campaign in general.

But (as I maybe said several times before) I would really like to see some important battles like the landing at Seoul beeing somehow scripte like in WEE.
Example: To succesfully land at Seoul u have to accomplish several objectives given before. Otherwise all ur Battlegroups will have to retreat (like when u loose). Short narrator intro to these missions would be great too (i really liked this in WEE, espicially in the FE DLC).

Also I want to say u that the AI cant perfectly handle Campaign Battlegroups (different Avail).
Example: Pearl of the Orient. When I was playing against the AIs Naval and Marine Battlegroups, the AI did a Zerg Rush with all his Moskits (32-40 Moskits!!!). Deadly when not prepared (although one moskit has weak CIWS, a 20boatblob has excellent, nearly impossible to overwhelm CIWS), thats very easy to defeat when knowing u have to be prepared for a Moskit Spam. Thats not funny nor challenging.

Narrator Outro pls!

Hoping I see some of this in the DLC campaign.

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Re: Campaign feedbacks

Postby Gunner » Sat 17 May 2014 16:55

Well the campaign was much like the ALB campaign with the AI just spamming units and throwing them your way, it did not take long for my T-55AMV's to reach MAX vet in the USSR vs Japan campaing, the AI was just that stupid. And all knowing, no recon was hidden well enough, there were always some units that just happened to drive straight at my recon element, not once, not twice, but every single game, well that was unless i had support that would kill said units.

Overall i find the campaign in RD and in ALB to not be a challenge, wheras the campaign in EE was great and offered a great challenge and gave a good account of a lacking AI controller. EE campaigns also had a good story, maybe do something like the Panzer General 2 Campaign wheras one could play one bad battle(winning but just barely) and thus be forced to not go forth with operation sealion or something similar.

I would rather have the EE campaigns back than have another RD campaign that i might play one time then throw the consept out the window and play MP.
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