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AI needs some serious work.

Posted: Sun 27 Apr 2014 20:59
by philstat
90% of the time it will not build naval forces, especially if you build them first. Amphibious vehicles often just loiter around in the water with no purpose, other than to be destroyed like a killer tomato. APC's don't do a good job of displacing their infantry, most the time doesn't let them out to fight. AI rushes often, zergling style - very frustrating - you can just setup an ambush and kill them like insects. On the other hand, they turtle and do nothing. AI rarely sends planes on bombing raids or uses anytime of SEAD against AA units. Bridges hurt this game a lot, they need to be wider, easy to see a 4-5 high end units coming across a bridge and just ambush the crap of them, sure this can really happen, though wider bridges would cause the AI to maneuver more during such a scenario. That said, I still enjoy this game a great deal. Just want to see skirmish against the AI be all that it can be.

Re: AI needs some serious work.

Posted: Sun 27 Apr 2014 21:08
by OpusTheFowl
LOCKED - please use the other AI thread just created today...