[RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby kanelbolle » Fri 30 Jun 2017 14:18

panerjager wrote:What part of

[EUG]MadMat wrote::

Teamkilling won't be tolerated on dedicated Wargame servers.

Is so hard for you people to understand when you report teamkilling in private servers

I swear to God

Cus this?

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby nobio22 » Fri 30 Jun 2017 23:00

"Imanub" tking 6/30/17 3:00 CST on Apocalypse Imminent
20170630155131_1.jpg (262.83 KiB) Viewed 1051 times
20170630151734_1.jpg (261.51 KiB) Viewed 1051 times
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Reporting for Teamkilling and Feeding

Postby weegee » Sat 1 Jul 2017 07:52

Recently I just had the misfortune of being teamed up with someone who thought it would be more fun to kill teammates and intentionally loose the game for all of us by feeding his own units to the enemy than to actually play the game as it was meant to be. Not wanting to promote this behavior by doing nothing I decided to report this player, named jladdy01 (though I suspect he changes his nickname frequently with the way he conducts himself); I didn't find any in-game method to report for misconduct and after some searching read somewhere to pm MadMat about this only to find that i am currently not allowed to pm anyone, isn't this a funny world :lol: .

So here goes, i'm just going to relay the details here along with a brief description and hope that someone cares enough to do something about it.
The lobby's name: Asgard 10v10
Player in question: jladdy01
Date: 6/30/17
Time: 8:50pm

From what I saw from the replay as soon as the match started jladdy01 promptly fed his command unit to the enemy and just spent the whole game either making irrational pushes with rather expensive units or using bombers whose only targets were usually command units and high value units like artillery, and by that I mean OUR command and high value units. Since my attention was elsewhere I initially didn't notice what he was doing until my own units started disappearing and even then didn't think someone on my own team was responsible until someone told me in the chat. The sad part is that we were actually winning the game regardless, however near the end jladdy01 called in a massive number of units which he sent straight into the enemy to be slaughtered which caused us to loose the game. What really gets me is not the loss itself rather it is the facetious attitude that jladdy01 displayed which leads me to suspect that this is not the first time that he has done this and, if it he has his way, wont be the last.

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Re: Reporting for Teamkilling and Feeding

Postby Shifu » Sat 1 Jul 2017 11:05

weegee wrote:...
Moved your post here, to the correct place.

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby SmallWhaler » Sun 2 Jul 2017 13:07

One unimaginative TK today.

it was on Tactical RU1 or Tactical RU2, not sure. RU2 I believe.

Time of the replay in my Profile is 07/02/2017, 12H50 (I am in the French time zone).

in the opening seconds, John Broonwood napalm his own buddies and use his Supercobra to rocket his team CV. As I said, no need to wait long minutes watching the replay :)

I uploaded the replay here http://rd.wargame.tools/#/replays

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby Ark07 » Fri 7 Jul 2017 19:00

Reporting: [10/10 SQUATING SLAV KING 10/10]

Three instances of team killing @ 1:37:00, 1:21:30 and 1:20:44

Replay link: http://api.wargame.tools/api/rd/replays ... c2f5c9df8a

Chat abuse with remarkes such as he is going rape my mother and hopes i die of cancer all chat images will be linked including the replay. This guy is toxic considering the nature of what has happened he showed no remorse for hes words. Even after I told him I was going to report him, he stated that nothing would happen and that he/she didn't care and continued with the vile behavior. :shock:


This all started when i asked him not fire hes arty near cv's and other units. I congratuled the enemy for taking out hes arty and he got mad. :D
He who controls the battlefield, controls history.

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby markuscz1 » Mon 10 Jul 2017 18:54

Hi, today some retards started to kill our units for the lulz. Please ban those smug idiots. Name of replay - "Teamkilling at its finest, Kittens". Or here is uploaded replay file. https://ufile.io/n1y4o They drop some mig-29ms at our AA, tanks and arty.

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby Somebody » Sun 16 Jul 2017 16:59

http://api.wargame.tools/api/rd/replays ... 6fe6b0ea3f

Player Russian Suck is teamkilling from 5 minutes.

Please ban him longer than 24h

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby pspiotrek » Sun 16 Jul 2017 17:20

Teamkiller: Jackass
From what i heard hes been teamkillingh for some time now.
Replay: http://api.wargame.tools/api/rd/replays ... cde3d25f2f

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby GodHatesNoobs » Fri 21 Jul 2017 02:50

Teamkilling incident occurred approximately at 6:30 pm MST. At approximately 11 minutes into the game, the player "TEAMKILL IS COOL
(YOU NIGGER NOT)" began targeting CVs in the spawn sector with ZSU-57-2s. Highly racist and inflammatory words were also spammed on chat.

http://api.wargame.tools/api/rd/replays ... 2ad99a01b3

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