[RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby Joe Armstrong » Thu 17 Sep 2020 01:46

Skip56 wrote:how do we upload a wargame replay file?

Mate, you should use Ctrl+Esc andthem type "Wargame replay".
Then choose an appropriate file, zip it and attach here.
That's it!

Joe Armstrong
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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby Joe Armstrong » Thu 17 Sep 2020 01:53

IED Kitty wrote:why doesn't eugen ever does anything about serial teamkillers and players who abuse the multiplayer by banning their multiplayer privliges?

Because they have decided to choose Steel Division instead of our common glorious Wargame...

IED Kitty wrote:Ronin has been terrorizing the game for years and no one has been able to fix it, his profile is intact, it's not like he creates a fake username or keep buying a game under another steam user.

Ronin is devastating every third match via autism and toxicity, he never changes :)
If someone of local admins (Niiiileee, King etc.) are still out there - ask them to ban this xxx, if they are able to.

IED Kitty wrote:is it really worth sacrificing the multiplayer for casual players for the sake of 1 roxic troll who teamkills or intentionally ruins the game? how come eugen have no moderating tools to treat these serial offenders?

Why can't eugen do anything against such players who make many of our games really bad and ruins the game for everyone including Eugen themselves?


This is his profile, can't anyone do anything about it?

He again just ended up being AFK the entire game, and rejoin the server just to hear people complain about how he ruins the game for both teams.

Unfortunately, Eugen doesn't care at all.

I've heard Browny has returned back. Is that true? :)

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby knuckles47 » Tue 5 Jan 2021 18:06

use artillery for kill our cv and recons

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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby ender_dream » Tue 2 Feb 2021 00:39

I am not sure if this the good thread, if so sorry and please tell me where to post that.

Cheat :
Obvious cheating, arty our units very precisely while they are deep in the woods and cannot be seen by the enemy. The replay confirm that.

Plus he wrote in the chat exactly one of my marker during the game to make fun of us. The marker is created around 8 minute (see the pic, sorry I did the screenshot after the game).

The cheat began at 7 minutes.

Username :
Cheat start around 7 minute at alpha.
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Chat screen where he repeat whats written on my marker
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Re: [RD] Report chat abuses & teamkilling

Postby Greyhound » Sun 21 Feb 2021 02:45

Using blatant map hack in ranked. I have attached a rar with two replays.
First replay has him using Nighthawk and Deagle to kill two CVs he had no idea of the whereabouts to win the game after failing his helorush.
Second replay he snipes CVs for the entirety of the game without having a single recon spotting them.

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