Requesting alittle help :/

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Re: Requesting alittle help :/

Postby TheDemolitionmech » Tue 6 May 2014 00:05

FirestarterMKD wrote:I play Red Dragons almost exclusively in ranked and I rarely ever try to contest early game helo drops with drops of my own. My usual counter against a helo drop, specially vs a blufor opponent, is to wait for them to land then burn them to smithereens with 2-3 PHLs/PHZs. If it doesn't do enough damage at least you have the upper hand in terms of morale, and Red Dragons infantry are just beasts :D

yeah i remember you using those when I played you in ranked (which I put in my deck after that thanks :D ), anyway I do think you are right in how it is not worth it. With red dragon I feel like I can compete a bit more with those great AA choppers, however, after playing for the last couple days I have not really found myself using airborne that much at all so I have them out for the time being.

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Re: Requesting alittle help :/

Postby Firestarter » Tue 6 May 2014 00:57

I wouldn't leave them out as you'll certainly come across situations in which they might come in handy. My point was that it's not crucial to try and grab a zone in the first few minutes if you're certain you can push later on the ground.

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