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Re: [Now in Red Dragon] FINLAND

Postby J0h1F » Sat 15 Dec 2018 20:41

I'll continue the artillery/mortar writeup later, but here are some interesting videos regarding the T-72M1 FINMOD project:

The third is at the beginning about the PT-91M, but at 5:03 begins the part of the T-72M1 FINMOD:

They are about the powerpack upgrade of the FINMOD which was prototyped on the tank shown in the videos. The RENK ESM350-X8 powerpack of French design for the FINMOD prototype used a Finnish Wärtsilä X8 engine producing 1000 bhp, which would have made the mobility better than any other T-72 before the T-72B3. The automatic transmission would also have allowed for true pivot and remarkably faster reverse speed.

Here's a modern brochure of the powerpack:

And last, here's a photo of one modified tank:
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