[DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby DoktorvonWer » Wed 23 Jul 2014 19:58

I'm curious. Just how many people actually play RD on Linux?

Would I be right in thinking it was a number between 0 and 100?


Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby Thonar » Wed 23 Jul 2014 19:58

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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby GBNATO » Wed 23 Jul 2014 19:59

I go off to play xbox for 20 minutes and come pack to this putrid abyss of human misery...

And Eugen,


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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby Anemos » Wed 23 Jul 2014 20:00

GENERAL YURI wrote:Then why make a "HURR ITS SO LE EBIC IMMINENT MEME" thread days before?
Why not say earlier today there is a possibility it could still get delayed?
This is totaly your mistake, you guys have built hype for days and left the people in the impression its gonna come today.

You already had it coming from the second Mad Mat made the first "ITS SO IMMINENT" thread.
I just hope you stop using this word now. The joke has expired a long time ago.

The alternative being a lack of hype (which I think is a rather nice community addition) and cold DLC releases on occasion? What happened here is the sort of thing that happens to any game developer working on a schedule - they find that something goes wrong at the last minute, and they have to delay their releases to accommodate that. To be honest, the fact that MadMat had to release the announcement is a testament to how hard the developers at Eugen are working - to wait until ten minutes before they're due to pack up and leave to see if they have a releasable product is far beyond and above what most developers would do when faced with a similar situation.

To the person above who noted that the content here is free DLC and should thus have been included in the release - well, would you rather they made it paid? There's no reason why the content they're adding in this DLC should have been in the release at all. Given the setting, in fact, it'd have been well within their rights to simply cut out the NSWP and Scandi nations - rather, they've done a fairly admirable job of liaising with players in both communities to release free additions to the game that'll go a long way towards allowing these players the opportunity to play the nations or coalitions they like to play while remaining competitive. As for the balance - again, sure, most companies release patches for their games, but Eugen aren't doing too badly when it comes to listening to what the community has to say and trying to respond to that. It's not the easiest thing to keep track of everybody's wants and complaints, but they're certainly trying to do it.

They're probably as, if not more, disappointed as we are that the hype they've built up for a product they've laboured on at no additional cost to us is having to be delayed because of hitherto unforeseen issues and problems - if they're trying to be sadistic trolls, I think the easiest way to go about that is to strip us of these two free content DLCs they've decided to provide us with. I don't understand why we're hurling these accusations at them - it's a bit awful to think that their modellers and texturers and QA testers go home at work at 6:30 and find their disappointment compounded by the sort of raging we're seeing here.

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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby Ritterlich » Wed 23 Jul 2014 20:00

All right folks, to the Guillotine with the guy who messed up the Linux version! We want his head!

How about patch notes? Hello? :cry:

Leave us alone! Don't you see we are suffering? Leave wargame community alone!


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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby Reyavik » Wed 23 Jul 2014 20:01

the amount of people in this thread that have nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon than whine about a video game is astounding

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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby Argus » Wed 23 Jul 2014 20:02

Reyavik wrote:the amount of people in this thread that have nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon than whine about a video game is astounding

For most of us WG is not something we do in free time but more.

No other game has kept me interested as long as WG did.

That tells alot.

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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby slbm » Wed 23 Jul 2014 20:02

Hydrashok wrote:tl;dr: In the closest real world simulation of NSWP Mig-29 aircraft against NATO F-15s the end result was 5 splashed Mig-29s for ZERO losses.

This is of course true. The only thing being that this "closest" was not really "close" and this was a very asymmetrical conflict and Iraqis were operating at tactical and operational disadvantage.
In any case MiG-29 is not and was never meant to be an equivalent of F-15 (not even F-15A), it's not an air superiority fighter. That's the role of Su-27.
In case of a full-scale war, MiG-29s would not operate alone against air superiority fighters.
Soviets would have their AWACS aircraft airborne too. They would have better countermeasures than Iraqis did

MiG-29 9.12 is more or less an equivalent of F-16A with only limited BVR combat capabilities.
MiG-29 9.13 is roughly equivalent to early F-16C. Even this is not up to fighting F-15C one on one, but remember that actually THIS is the version represented in game, not the same as Iraqi model, so your statement
Hydrashok wrote:the NSWP would have been facing the same NATO aircraft across the fulda gap (what this game simulates)

is not entirely correct.

Bottom line from me is that of course MiG-29 is not up to engaging F-15, but it could have engaged F-16s (you mentioned both) and that Iraq is not really a good case for ultimate judgement.

I'm afraid that I will have to leave this discussion though - getting your answer, if any, in the flood of this DLC-delay flame will be next to impossible and would force me to actually keep tracking it, which I will probably stop doing soon. Cheers!

Yes, 9.12 is what NSWP had in reality. But that's not what game simulates (and what was shown in the picture which started this discussion).
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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby Thonar » Wed 23 Jul 2014 20:02

Buggy, honestly, close this thread finally...

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Re: [DLC 1] Words are lacking ...

Postby Mike » Wed 23 Jul 2014 20:03

I think that people forget that actual people that have actual lives work on this game. They aren't little robots that sit at the office all day programming. And since they aren't robots, but actual humans, they are going to make mistakes. It's human nature. As Madmat said earlier, he thought the verison was good to go, but then there was a mistake.

If anyone has programmed before, you know it can be a pain in the butt. Small things can ruin the entire program. Hell, even just one mistyped character can throw you're program for a loop.

Am I a upset/frustrated by the delay? Yeah, a bit. But I understand what happened and that to a degree, it was out of anybody's control. I don't think Eugen is excited that rhe Linux verison was broken. I don't think Eugen wants to piss off it's core fan base either. But this is exactly why Eugen doesn't give finite dates for patches, DLC, etc.. People get over the top angry because it didn't come out the day they said because of some unforeseen bug. Just remember what Forrest Gump said: Sh*t happens.
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