Will we get Cluster Arty modification?

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Re: Will we get Cluster Arty modification?

Postby Uncle_Joe » Wed 17 Sep 2014 04:07

Regnar wrote:
DoktorvonWer wrote:... Then you'd be caught in a cluster artillery zone easily... There's no need to be seen, those things can just plaster an entire area.

They are far more effective if you focus them on a smaller area. Try cluster spamming yourself sometime.

I've play a lot of 10v10 and my experience is closer to Regnar's. Sure, there are games which stagnate out and just become arty flipping contests but those are usually Destruction games (which I loathe, but I'll play if nothing else is starting) and thankfully they aren't all that common.

I follow similar ideas to Regnar's...if I take a zone, I do NOT stop in it. Either keep moving through or occupy points slightly around it or behind it etc. But yeah, sitting in the zone waiting to get nuked isn't optimal play IMO.

Playing Conquest, there is much less incentive for the arty spammers since they can't get their little jollies watching the blue numbers come flying out of their cloud of arty. They have NO IDEA what they hit and most arty spammers don't like that.

It's also fun to 'bait and switch' and show some obvious forces and them move them away and watch all the arty rain down on a whole lot of nothing.

But overall, I think arty is king of the static battlefield (especially in Destruction games). When the games are more mobile arty is hardly a threat at all. The problem comes when 8 or 9 out of the 10 players on side just march (or fly lol) forward to 'their' zone and then occupy it, 'dig in' and sit and wait for the enemy. If both sides do that (which is not uncommon) the game WILL stagnate and then arty will become more powerful.

The best games (and the best counter to arty) is when players coordinate a bit and overload one area or attack down an exposed corridor and surprise the enemy. It can happen a lot easier than you think. Just watch the replays of any of your 10v10 (or anyone's I guess) and look for wide open gaps or areas protected by small forces. They exist in almost EVERY 10v10 I've seen, at least early on. And they ESPECIALLY exist if a few players on the opposing team started with multiple FOBs and a pile of arty...
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Re: Will we get Cluster Arty modification?

Postby Regnar » Wed 17 Sep 2014 04:21

DoktorvonWer wrote:They don't need to be 'effective' in the sense of killing tanks, which is all they need concentrating for. Un-focused cluster spam will generally wipe out AA, APCs, CVs, FSVs, IFVs, Logistics, ATGM carriers... And the tanks that survive due to unconcentrated spam are all panicked to uselessness anyway. Infantry too, incidentally, even if undamaged.

Look, I'm not going to pull a Poptart Lover and argue this point for six pages. All I'm saying is that what I did works for me. Maybe I've just had good luck, maybe you've just had bad luck. But I simply don't share your experience.

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Re: Will we get Cluster Arty modification?

Postby icehawk308 » Wed 17 Sep 2014 16:19

Regnar wrote:Look, I'm not going to pull a Poptart Lover and argue this point for six pages.

Thought that was the point of this thread :|

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