Bomber contest

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Bomber contest

Postby Th3DestroyerCZ » Fri 28 Nov 2014 01:32

What is the best bomber in Wargame: Red Dragon? Let's find out who in this contest! Each nation will have one plane participating and the one which climbs through the bracket all the way to the top will be anounced the best bomber in Wargame! I created Straw Polls for every single nation bombers so we can decide what is the best bomber that should be representing that nation and then proceed to brackets where we will decide who is the best! The contest will have iron, LGB, napalm and cluster bombers. What are your thoughts about this contest? Who is the best bomber in your opinion?

BLUFOR Straw Polls
Spoiler : :
US of A
This was without any doubts the longest list I wrote because they have so rich amount of bombers. The choice for the best bomber was hard but in the end I choose the F-15D Eagle aka. F-15 Strike Eagle. Note: sorry for the laser guided bomb bomb on Nighthawk. :lol: I messed up.

United Kingdom
For me it is the Harrier Gr. 7 with no doubts.

This was the time when I stopped writting bomb names. (these French names man) Anyways the best bomber is the Mirage 5F imo. Also, it is Mirage 5F and not Mirage SF as it is written in the strawpoll and it carries 8x 400 kg bombs, not 600 kg bombs.

Such hard choice many planes. No comment. :)

Oh Canada
Same as Germany but more interesting. Because this choice is actually hard.

Napalm or F-16 STRONK 12x bombs make your choice.

Interesting choice. For me it is the Viggen.

Really hard choice! Do you choose the plane which everybody hates or one of the best bombers in the game?

The Kiwis and Kangaroos have some of the best bombers in the game. But the choice is obvious.

Japan has some decent bombers. Quite a hard choice

The False Korea
South Korea has retarded HE bomber - this is one of the favorites to win.

OPFOR Straw Polls
Spoiler : :
Best Germany

Soveytski Soyuz
Lots of great bombers. Wonder what bomber will win. Note: sorry for the MiG-25MRT it is supposed to be RBT.

Polish Hussars Stronk!
It seems that the Polish Hussars did not need many bombers. Neverthenless they have great bombers.

Supeior Czechoslovak Czechnology
jonas165 wrote:Best bomber in the game? L-39, no doubt. Because superior Czechnology. So superior even James Bond approves.

China will grow larger
This weaker list of bombers. But still decent.

True Korea
The choice is obvious here. :mrgreen: (F-5)

BLUFOR results
Spoiler : :
F-15D Eagle wins with 78 votes over F-117 Nighthawk 32 votes.

Harrier Gr. 7 wins with big edge over his old companion Harrier Gr. 5 (62:17).

Mirage 5F is the winner! (49:25)

Tornado IDS wins with no problems.

CF-116 Freedom Fighter wins in the end over the Hornet. (50:40)

F-16 Block 5 wins without problems.

AJS 37 Viggen wins.

F-16A Fighting Falcon wins.

F-111C wins.

F-1 wins in one of more interesting battles. (24:16)

South Korea
As much I wanted the retarded HE bomber to win it didn't. F-4E Peace Pheasant I wins.

OPFOR results
Spoiler : :
Best Germany
This really suprised me. MiG-25RBF wins with 41 votes over MiG-23BN with 2 votes.

Su-24M win with its glorious 30 bombs.

Glorious Su-7BKL napalm bobmer of Poland wins.

Su-22M4 wins over MiG-29S 9-12A which was for me the favorite. (23:9)

Q-5D wins.

True Korea
B-5 wins over the haters. (which aren't present)

Duels of bombers
Here is how this is going to go - I am going to randomize a random number from 1-16 (because of 16 nations in game) and face them against each other. Four duels today and another four tomorow.

ANZAC versus Canada!
Oh Canada, you are in big trouble. Wonder who will win. (sarcasm)

France versus United Kingdom!
The old rivals clash in a breath taking battle! Who will win? You decide! I put my fish and chips on Britain!

Swedish Vikings versus glorious Polish Hussars!
The battle of legends! Who will win the bloodthirsty Vikings or glorious Polish Hussars?

Japan versus True Korea!
Japan is no more. Japan has been erased from Earth with True Korean 3000 kg love.

Second round of duels!

Best Germany versus Norway!
This battle is interesting. Wonder who will win. For me the better bomber is Norwegian F-16A Fighting Falcon.

Germany versus Denmark!
Damn. Another hard choice. After hard thinking I choose the Danish F-16.

Sovetskiy Soyuz versus 'murica!
This round of duels has some really close and interesting duels. For me in this duel it is Su-24M.

Czechnology versus South Korea!
Another close one! I vote for Czechoslovakia since I am from Czech Republic.

Status: Thank you all for the votes and thanks for participaing!
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Re: Bomber contest

Postby SKLKNKR » Fri 28 Nov 2014 01:41

It's the Mirage 5F, not S. :mrgreen: It's hard to tell in game with the font.
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Re: Bomber contest

Postby Forimar » Fri 28 Nov 2014 01:48

Why not do it by coalition?

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Re: Bomber contest

Postby Solo » Fri 28 Nov 2014 01:53

Calling it now, final will be between Strike Eagle and B-5.

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Re: Bomber contest

Postby jonas165 » Fri 28 Nov 2014 02:14

Best bomber in the game? L-39, no doubt. Because superior Czechnology. So superior even James Bond approves.
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Re: Bomber contest

Postby Argus » Fri 28 Nov 2014 02:15

where are Pact bombers?

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Re: Bomber contest

Postby Killertomato » Fri 28 Nov 2014 02:19

The F-111C as it once was.

Army? What army?
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Re: Bomber contest

Postby Mandolin » Fri 28 Nov 2014 04:28

The the Mirage 5F has 400kg bombs, not 600kg

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Re: Bomber contest

Postby KattiValk » Fri 28 Nov 2014 05:23

Canada has little to no A2G power as one sucks and the other tends to get shot down a lot. Best used in mass swarms spamming Oh Canada in the chat like there's no tomorrow. Voodoo swarm knows no god.

I voted F-111 because of crushed dreams.

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Re: Bomber contest

Postby SpitfireMK-Pony » Fri 28 Nov 2014 05:35

As much as I want to say the Japanese F-1... or the Anzac F-111C or F-18...

The B-5... is just an awesome "Everything in this general area needs to die now" bomber.

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