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Re: Adjusting infantry combat

Posted: Fri 5 Dec 2014 23:20
by PzAz04Maus
Randomletters wrote: The combination of stealth bonuses and teleporting make it nearly impossible to dislodge infantry from buildings with vehicles, without the infantry shooting at something.

Standard vehicles have a hard time chewing through European style urban terrain in real life. So does artillery. The Soviets of the Great Patriotic War vintage found that they had to bring their 152mm artillery into point blank range to get decent results.

Ingame, what normal vehicles do better is pin the enemy down and keep him stunned. Using specialist anti-infantry vehicles, grenade launchers or high ROF Autocannons instead ought to do the trick for pasting or permapinning infantry. BMPTs, MBT-70s, and the Grenade launcher Japanese tanks will paste them, while high ROF SPAAGs stunlock and dismantle them.

I would have to imagine that the BMP-2 series would do modestly well, though I still need to try it out. I know the Marder 1s are effective in the city.

Re: Adjusting infantry combat

Posted: Sat 6 Dec 2014 06:19
by skiierman1
Flamethrowers were also invented for this specific purpose.

Re: Adjusting infantry combat

Posted: Fri 12 Dec 2014 18:36
by fdsdh1
the only OP infantry are SF, who can seemingly defeat double their number in regular infantry (the odds do get ridiculous)

also, are all SF infantry equal in training?

because I constantly see my SF being massacred by smaller Spetsnaz forces