Scandinavian light infantry deck options

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Scandinavian light infantry deck options

Postby Cpt Einsten » Sat 13 Dec 2014 00:14

What is the reason behind giving the new norwegan Light infantry to every deck (as it should be) but only giving the swedish Light infantry to some (Marines, Moto, Support and airbourne) especially considering there is only 5 available decks for sweden (Open, Mech, Moto, Armored and support)
As it is now It can't be osed in two of the most common swedish decks where it could actually do some good work instead of being almost forgotten becouse you barely see it (outside of the occational Open deck) And as it is I dont think it will overwhelm enemy tanks but it is very usefull at clearing out enemy transports so that high Ap units can deal with the tanks. I see no reason behind restricting it especially when the awesome norwegan light infantry with the same cost (and awesomeness) can run wild. ... 6D0EE17A8/ ... F0499F4C4/
(I know that I have complained alot in my last 2 threds but thank you eugen for all the Strf 90s, the SAM Rovers and The knights of the sky with their Lances ;) )

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