BK90 Mjölner.

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BK90 Mjölner.

Postby mattebubben » Thu 18 Dec 2014 00:32

The BK90 (also knows as DWS39)
As used by the Swedish AJS 37 Viggen is incredibly incorrectly modeld...
Its not "Dumb" bomb as in the game but is a smart glide munition.
(kinda like the Paveway currently in game)
When launched at a speed of around Mach 0.9 at a height of 50m it has around 10km of range Forward or up to 5km to either side.
And if launched at the same speed but at 6000m it would go up to 22km.
It also has chute retarded munitions (meaning the Cluster munitions will fall in parachutes after being released falling slowly to the ground then detonating over there targets) but thats not modeld in the game neither is it what im after.

Rather it should be a Smart weapon like the GBU-12 of the Harrier the GBU 27 of the F-117 the GCS-1 M117 of the Japanese F-1 or the Chinese LT-2 Bomb on the Q-5D attack aircraft.
Meaning that it tracks to the target instead of just falling.

Eugen is most likley aware of this but since there is no other Smart Cluster Munitions in the game they decided just not to model it for the BK90 Alone or i dont know.

But what i wish is that either make it work correctly (like a smart bomb gliding bomb instead of a dumb falling one)

Or replace the BK-90 on the AJS 37 with something else.
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Re: BK90 Mjölner.

Postby Wolke » Thu 18 Dec 2014 20:40

Is the path it takes preset or is there active adjusting through communication with the aircraft that dropped it?

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Re: BK90 Mjölner.

Postby Rosalis » Fri 19 Dec 2014 00:28


It ought to be be modeled as a slow moving, unguided long range AP rocket in-game.

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