Availability tanks top level

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Re: Availability tanks top level

Postby frostypooky » Sun 11 Jan 2015 10:37

Ghostweed wrote: :(

do u even read

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Re: Availability tanks top level

Postby Ghostweed » Sun 11 Jan 2015 10:57

Its there in the forum, posted by MadMat - DLC 3 was the last DLCs for RD and last moment of balancing, tweaking and fixing the game. There is only 1 or 2 persons from whole development who is working on RD stuff (and i even doubt this). Eugen is working on another 3 games (nope, not a wargame) and they do not care about RD anymore...maximum u can expect is just some technical hotfixes...so u are wasting ur time and energy on useless (and biased) proposals...

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Re: Availability tanks top level

Postby thenosh » Sun 11 Jan 2015 12:09

Alexander wrote:Why not increase the number of tanks (M1A2, 2A5, Challi 2, T-72BU, T-80UM) from 2 to 3? (standard tank platoon)

Why do so in the first place?
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Re: Availability tanks top level

Postby molnibalage » Sun 11 Jan 2015 12:38

Guys, I have to say it is pointless to keep posting for RD. It won't be radical changes. The current DB is totally screwed comparing to ALB from my aspect. Just think about the insane buff of ACC because of new units. In ALB anything above with 45% base ACC was very good and rare now in RD anything below this is garbage... I experience the same as for some trading card games, the new cards with every release become more and more powerful. The symptoms are the same in WG universe. New units were added and because they are way out of timeframe - and got way too strong stats - totally funny later "balance" steps were required.

ALB is also not perfect but at least there is some kind of unique features of nations. US has really has superior air force, USSR has really freaking good tanks, scandis have good inf, etc.In RD - even with different units - almost all coalitions - except RD - has the same carbon copy capability except some really unique fetures. (BMPT, Buration, ATCAMs,)

The most important that the deck system is much more flexible, there is no 5 card limitation. Even if you do not play specialized deck you can sacrifice a tab to another.

In ALB generally 3 different XP level is available which make usable the regular inf. In RD anything below 15 man shock inf is simply garbage... In ALB even the elite level was better because it mean 60% buff and with 35-45% base ACC it worth to play specialized deck to make you stuff very powerful even C cat units. In ALB B/C games are literally dead...

Are only a very some good things what I miss in RD but currently I'm not sure why I would choose RD over to ALB. It was totally refreshing to play ALB even I meet in ALB with same idiots and noobs as in RD but at least I felt difference between different nations.

I feel simply better the ALB just because there is not idiot cluster arty, you can plan without suffering such coordinated or random spam. It has some disadvantages - terrace map modeling, no amphibious modeling - but at least are not ridicously OP units wihch makes totally useless the rest of units.
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Re: Availability tanks top level

Postby Poptart Lover » Sun 11 Jan 2015 13:20

CandyMan wrote:

You can totally do that already. There are 14 M1A1 available in a US deck, and roughly the same of every t80/t64/t72 line barring prototypes and the top most tier. People just cant get off the min-max train and skip right over these medium heavy tanks all together.

Again Candyman, you don't understand what I wrote. I'm sure a lot of people are not pleased right now with having low availability on modern tanks(units in general), because we're being held back by tanks(units) from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. And 14 is nothing when we should be fielding more. Like The M1 Abrams and T-80s should be fielded as an availability of a T-62, While M1A1s and T-80U's should be fielded as an availability of M1's, while M1A2s and T-90's should have the same availability as current M1A1s. . We should be having more modern combat and units since we're in 1992, not 1975.

Yes keep units such as T-72s and more modern T-55s, but cost lower. But Eugen don't hold us back because you want to keep the really outdated units.
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Re: Availability tanks top level

Postby D-M » Sun 11 Jan 2015 13:40

Yeah no, there are already quite enough T-72BU or M1A2 for a single game. Don't need more.

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Re: Availability tanks top level

Postby Alexander » Sun 11 Jan 2015 14:05

D-M wrote:Don't need more.

For You. For me an important point in the game, and to sense the desired tank platoon

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