Arty spamming is killing this game.

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Re: Arty spamming is killing this game.

Postby Sunshine » Sat 2 May 2015 19:06

Virunis wrote:You clearly never played against me on asgard all way back to game release when i played support, held 1 zone, spammed 20 Danas and started snipping other ppl CVs.

I never play 10vs10, it is just a clusterfuck of stupidity.
No tactics, a complete lottery as to who is your enemy or friend and half of the players won't see the end of the match anyways.
So no, I never had to endure such bullshit.

However, Eugene constantly said that the game is not intended or balanced around 10vs10,
this is more a gimmick mode for those who want to waste their time for whatever reason.

I play 2vs2/3vs3 only, since I play with 1-2 friends all the time, never (again) with strangers (ever).
In these modes, artillery spam is hardly a problem if we speak tube artillery.
The only trouble-makers are clusters like the SMERCH.
Just shoot the area where the enemy has to keep most of his units in a sector and then attack panicked and half-dead units and mop the floor with them, gg.

You could say I've seen the light too.
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Re: Arty spamming is killing this game.

Postby Mike » Sat 2 May 2015 19:29

Play a mixed support deck in 10v10 and load up on 203mm guns. Once you spawn about 8 or so in, you can insta kill just about any unit in game. I saw a guy kill a 3 stack of T-80Us that way. Immediately followed by a rage quit :lol:
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Re: Arty spamming is killing this game.

Postby Admiral_Awesome » Sat 2 May 2015 20:18

This whole discussion reminds of the good old days back in EE, where ppl played hells highway with the maximum amount of players and ressources and later on complained about balance on the forums...
As far as my personal experience goes, you will ALWAYS have people complaining about something that is getting "spammed" because its ruining the way they want to play. I've even witnessed people complaining that the other side spammed AA... And then there was this other guy, calling himself "an Enabler" because he thought that he enabled other people with his style of play (he had zero points after 20min and was still firing grads in empty sectors) to score more points... The amount of retarded stuff I've read in game chat and also to some lesser extend on the forums makes me admire Mad Mat the mods for their patience.

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Re: Arty spamming is killing this game.

Postby Handley Page » Sat 2 May 2015 20:41

Admiral_Awesome wrote:makes me admire Mad Mat

How much is your weekly pay? Idiots exist on all forums but very often do good suggestions get ignored while the stupid suggestions get all the attention.

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