Tomcat nerf thread

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Tomcat nerf thread

Postby DeckCheney » Tue 16 Feb 2016 17:21

Because of the latest patch; BlueFor has total air superiority. The LRAAM death train is back. Outside of there being a sub-paar counterpart on the RedFor Side (MiG-31M limited to 1 per card), RedFor is absolutely undermatched in being able to cost effectively, or least remotely deal with the Tomcat.

The Phoenix has 8HE, identical to the missiles that people complain about on the MiG-25 which causes an instant stun- the Primary drawback being 40% Accuracy. The Tomcat doesn't suffer from its low accuracy being that most of Redfor's aircraft have comparably low ECM values against their BlueFor Equilivelent.

What's happening is a turkey shoot; while MiG-25s will occasionally fire a full volley at a 30-50% ECM target and miss all shots (Even at Elite), the Tomcat is shooting at 10-20% ECM targets and hitting every second shot.

So, how does RedFor 'Remove' thr Tomcat? They don't. There are no cost effective air-counters to the Tomcat. The MiG-25 was just nerfed for reasons beyond be, which even still usable- has no chances of removing a Tomcat due to its low ECM not giving it survivability to close to a range where it can fire. A further issue applies to all [SA] ASF platforms which likewise perform poorly against the Tomcat being that they'll lose missile lock once stunned by an 8HE missile.

The only reliable counter is F&F MRAAM platforms - limited to the Su-27PU/M Yak-141, MiG-29M/and the MiG-29 DDR variant. The multiroles listed aren't proper ASFs and lack SRAAMs and ASF Avail. Throwing the dedicated F&F ASFs at the Tomcat is still a massive gamble being that you've 4900m distance to close while being shot at. The Tomcat itself is also a F&F platform meaning it can still potentially kill if destroyed, unlike the MiG-25.

Tomcat abuse it at its finest on mixed Naval Maps with Patriot support.


Since the original suggestion of the Tomcat's porting to the Air-tab, many in the community were concerned about the LRAAM death train returning. Hence why most suggestions opted for the AIM-54s to be swapped out for AIM-7s and a corespinding price/avail buff.

Please Eugen, only you can stop Tomcat Abuse.
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Postby futurePro » Tue 16 Feb 2016 17:32

So far watch only 1 game where i saw a tomcat and that one was taken as Vet and still get shoot down easy to a PU :lol:

bluefor air owning the sky ? really dont know who you playin with .. :?:
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Postby Razzmann » Tue 16 Feb 2016 17:40


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Postby kvasius » Tue 16 Feb 2016 17:58

Well. That was fast. How many hours from patch.... 5?

Tbh, its gonna be an "abuse" in games like 10v10 which are unbalanced anyway...

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Re: Tomcat nerf thread

Postby Excroat3 » Tue 16 Feb 2016 18:07

Funny thing about everyone saying that the death wheel is back... Everyone seems to forget that the Tomcat has a 2(?) second aim time, and it can't launch while turning in a circle. So I have no idea when that argument is being brought up when it isn't even accurate anymore. Why do you never see the MIG-31 death circles so prevalent in ALB anymore? Same reason that you shouldn't be calling for a tomcat nerf so soon after release.

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Re: Tomcat nerf thread

Postby McNash » Tue 16 Feb 2016 18:09

HATO SCUM OP pls nerf :V

On a more serious note, any good combos for dealing with the F-14?

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Re: Tomcat nerf thread

Postby another505 » Tue 16 Feb 2016 18:14

heres what i wrote in the patch thread

Lx, i really like this patch.
However, the F-14 in air tab, i dont mind it being there. But currently , 2 per card is way too good when Mig-31m is 1 per card only ( 2 hardened v 1 hardened, F-14 can also go 1 elite)

Mig-31m is a much more advance plane than F-14 in real life, and the missile R-37 is way more powerful than Phoenix (this isn't fanboyism, but the difference in time shows the disparity. Mig25's R-40 which is an old missile at least score some kills such as F-4/mig21 and even a F18. And R-37 is two generations after the R-40. Meanwhile Phoenix has never scored a kill in combat )
The tomcat is also in service in 1974, mig31m which well isnt in service irl yet , they are ingame 1989

Also, the F-14 is equiped with more firepower and better turn radius than Mig31m, the vulcan is of course realistic, and the AIM-9 which makes it much more lethal than Mig-31m in killing planes by finishing off a damaged plane from its phoenix. And also act as self defence weapon against other air superiority fighters as they close in, Mig31m doesnt have any defence

While Mig31m has more LRAAM missiles and 10 percent ecm
they former barely helps as LRAAM ingame takes an extreme long time to aim, making it extremely risky to even fire 2 salvos against an enemy plane with the mig31m darting into enemy line.

Circling behind is also inefficient since the long aim time and small angle of attack
Note that it isnt mig31m's fault for not carrying more variety of missiles to increase its firepower ingame, Mig31m can add R-77 MRAAM with its R-37 loadout

Now, I am not sure about how powerful or gamechanging the F-14 will be ingame, but it shouldnt outperform Mig-31m in its job, or at least shouldnt get 2 per card and better than mig31m for consistency sake
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Re: Tomcat nerf thread

Postby DaniDE » Tue 16 Feb 2016 18:25

My PU will have many F-14's for breakfast :D

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Re: Tomcat nerf thread

Postby captaincarnage » Tue 16 Feb 2016 18:26

The only circumstance where i can think of the Tomcat being "Errrmahhgauuud OP please Nerf" is 10v10 clown games.
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Re: Tomcat nerf thread

Postby kestrel1993 » Tue 16 Feb 2016 18:37

I'm think, F-14 need to be 1 per card, 2 cards( without top veteransy) So you won't see it often outside airborne or naval decks.

Main problem, what PACT should rely on lot of low ECM planes. So, for example EB opening with su-7bkl covered by elite migs-23ml theoretically will suffer against F-14 because of low ECM.
But SU-27PU shouldn't have much problems against F-14.

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