Transport vs. Helo Tab meta

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Re: Transport vs. Helo Tab meta

Postby DeckCheney » Sun 21 Feb 2016 23:30

throwaway wrote:Transports don't have to have that drawback because although a ka-29tb costs 40, you can't actually buy 1000/40 at the start of the match so for helorush purposes and helorush purposes alone it may as well cost 65.

If you think a helo rush is so undynamic... :cry:
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Re: Transport vs. Helo Tab meta

Postby chykka » Mon 22 Feb 2016 06:44

yeah with cheaper helo's as transports it's a wonder why people wouldn't use a few infantry too get grounded and cheaper helicopters.

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Re: Transport vs. Helo Tab meta

Postby Random » Mon 22 Feb 2016 21:15

The helorush concern is spot on, the ka is a perfect helorushunint if it were 45-50 points, with 10 HP, 270kmh, 80 HE2 rockets and a decent gun.

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Re: Transport vs. Helo Tab meta

Postby Communazi » Mon 22 Feb 2016 21:35

Were transport helo prices buffed at some point, in the same way Helo CV's were made ridiculously cheap..? To encourage airborne landings.

Didn't occur to me when I made this thread that the two may be related. I don't play 1v1 so helo rushing hasn't been a problem.

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