US Motorized/Airborne Infantry

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Re: US Motorized/Airborne Infantry

Postby Bullfrog » Thu 26 May 2016 10:57

It's to cluttered for you, huh?

If these units need to be buffed, then suggest that. What killer is asking for is the Army specs to have a Shock infantry, which gets a +1 from me.... but this can be done by just moving Rangers over to the infantry tab. Not only does this give shock infantry to Army specs, but it also gives shock infantry to more than one army spec. Where as US paratroopers would just be an Airborne unit, at least according to units like VDV and UK Paratroopers. Hell, the suggestion is not only screwing over the Marines deck, it's screwing over every deck that isn't Airborne. You don't need to completely revamp a unit just to get shock infantry in Army specs or what you perceive as a useless unit, turned into a useful one.

Rangers to infantry tab.... done, you don't detract anything from any other specs and you have shock infantry in Army specs. Not only that but Cav Scouts will also become useful, albeit by monopolizing the role.
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Re: US Motorized/Airborne Infantry

Postby thehitman009 » Thu 26 May 2016 12:13

I don't agree with moving the Rangers to INF tab because then US has the same lack of shock in recon, which is lame for deck-building.

Maybe just don't rename LR '90, keep them available in all the decks they are in now, adjust training/availability/cost as discussed. Marine decks still have access to them (I honestly still wouldn't use them, but trying to keep an open mind) and US airborne/moto have shock infantry.

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Re: US Motorized/Airborne Infantry

Postby KattiValk » Thu 26 May 2016 15:27

What would really be nice is Rangers '90 SF with SF stats (and price: 30) but shock availability for max flavor.

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