Wargame Feature/Mechanics Requests -(not unit balances!)

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Wargame Feature/Mechanics Requests -(not unit balances!)

Postby Daveallen10 » Wed 15 Jun 2016 14:32

Wargame: Red Dragon is a great game. But it is a flawed game missing many features of standard RTS games. Sadly, I have seen little to no movement in patches to add any additional features by the development team - only new units, maps, and nations - which frankly do not seem like the best use of resources when so many other things are needed. I want to use this thread as a way to highlight mechanics and features that would go a long way to improve the game.

1. Additional money options in skirmish and multiplayer games (so players can truly create “tactical” games with very low money, without having to have ten players join), or very high money at start.

2. Improvements to control groups bar, with icons showing the type of units (armor, infantry, mix) for quick select.

3. Group Formations: After creating a control group, ability to give some basic formation orders (infantry in front, armor middle, support units behind). Clicking on the map with that control group selected will maintain the group's formation when it gets to the destination.

4. Multiplayer Game Speed Change Option (Mostly useful for switching between normal and slow – slow is actually more like real life)
a. Host can Set Game Speed in Lobby (Slow, Normal, Fast)
b. Players can petition to change game speed in-game by selecting the option they desire, this will send a global message asking other player if they would like to change the game speed. If all accept, game speed will change.

5. Visible unit waypoints (only visible when the unit is selected) and waypoint action icons “Unload , move fast , stop, etc…”

6. Button to toggle HUD (toggle all UI overlays for screenshots and clarity of view.)

7. Button to hold to show all current move-to locations for units. This would highlight or make visible all the little yellow silhouettes of all units - as to where they will be when they've completed a move-order. Very crucial for making sure your units are going where you want! (Similar to the Spacebar in Total War games).

8. [possibly controversial] Randomized 2-4 second firing delay for all units which are not AA or aircraft. This is to simulate the time it takes a unit such as a tank to verify a target. Currently everything shoots IMMEDIATELY when it spots something within range. These units are not robots. There is a human operator and even given ideal conditions it takes a few seconds to verify a target and make adjustments before firing. One of my main complaints about Wargame is that there is that with all the micromanagement there is almost no time to react to enemy units being spotted (or spotting you!). So you have no time to give a move order to a unit that is about to be attacked. (the "normal" game speed makes this worse). The effect in-game is this sort of ridiculous laser fight where everything gets blown up in a second and the human player cannot hope to react. *Would not affect AA units or planes.

9. Unit Stance Options (toggles):
a. Hold: Unit will not move for anything, unless they rout). This would be default, and would toggle with the below option “Auto Find Cover”.
b. Auto find cover: Units will retreat to nearest cover if under heavy fire at current position. Infantry will fall back to nearest building, forest, or hedge. Vehicles will withdraw back out of LOS or into nearest forest or hedge. Helicopters will fall back 500 meters towards nearest friendly entry zone on the map. If turned off, the default “Hold” order is used. This stance would exist to reduce the ridiculous micromanagement, and would be optional.
c. Hold fire until (x) meters: Unit will not fire unless an enemy unit is within a certain distance. Useful for keeping units hidden until they are in a more effective kill range (AA and infantry for example)

10. VOIP in multiplayer. Having the ability to do direct team voice chat might solve the absolutely horrible player dropping in every game when it stops going their way.

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Re: Wargame Feature/Mechanics Requests -(not unit balances!)

Postby RedFive » Wed 15 Jun 2016 14:38

Regarding 3, I desperately want a simple "move together" command. This is something that has been in RTSs forever and its omission is a bit baffling.

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Re: Wargame Feature/Mechanics Requests -(not unit balances!)

Postby Terracos » Wed 15 Jun 2016 15:01

I would like actually one change in the mechanics that buggs me a little bit. When i have a group of Units selected with Units in the mix that have a weapon switched off they wont move on an Attack Move Command. That is especially annoying in a Push with RAD-AA in the mix.

I would like if the AA (or any other Unit with inactive Weapons) would still move on with the other Units on an Attack Command. It would make stuff easier or less micro intensive. Especially in times when the fight is full on and you dont look properly it can happen that the aa is very far behind your troops and when a plane closes in and you toggle on their Weapons they are too far behind.

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Re: Wargame Feature/Mechanics Requests -(not unit balances!)

Postby raventhefuhrer » Wed 15 Jun 2016 18:21

1. 'Weird' settings are already causing problems wherein people host games and choose suboptimal settings without knowing any better. Right now there's no guidance on 'recommended' or 'ideal' settings for lobbies, so having even more host discretion without addressing this issue would just exacerbate the issue.

2. Sounds good.

3. This actually wouldn't be very useful in the context of Wargame. High level play revolves around microing units individually, 'locking' them in a formation to advance together would be harmful to the player - AA stopping in the open when the tanks they're formationed with stop to fire, etc. Another illustrative example is that it's considered noob to group units higher than 40-ish points together in the 4-block groups that already exist in the game - good gameplay again calls on you to micro units individually as much as possible to be successful.

4. Not too excited about this either - again it's the optimal vs suboptimal gametypes and accounting for a niche preference here and there isn't worth the risk of inexperienced players hosting lobbies with suboptimal settings.

5. Great addition.

6. There is a way to do this now (at least in replays) but I'm not sure, I never use it.

7. Would also be great.

8. I think this would just add a frustrating mechanic to the game ('WHY AREN'T MY @#$%! UNITS SHOOTING OMFG! HE'S RIGHT THERE! FIRE! FIRE GOD DA-' and so on.) Furthermore, additional aim time would complicate matters of trying to get AA to fire at the Longbow 360-no-scoping all of your 170 point tanks while you scream something similar to the above quote.

9. Might be okay, but I'm not sure how useful it'd be.

10. VOIP would be great. We probably need it.
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Re: Wargame Feature/Mechanics Requests -(not unit balances!)

Postby Zoring » Wed 15 Jun 2016 18:26

9. Would be delightful how many tanks have died sitting slightly in the open cause there commander is distracted. Be great.
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Re: Wargame Feature/Mechanics Requests -(not unit balances!)

Postby Anthar » Thu 16 Jun 2016 04:25

tanks is somehow manage drive into thick forest , and infantry unable to hide/take cover in any terrain, instead only bush
and forest, that's really dumb, since i can just bombard any hiding spot and then go forward, while other player cursing and
swearing because the hiding spot is very limited and insanely stupid.

anyway, the wargame series is desgin to be casual and tactical in the same time, even tho many parts are not real or even
near the basic rookie infantry training level, all of them fighting like a militia, but hey, at least the tank part is great !

what, you said smoke screen device on tank is useless and the ERA plate don't do anything? and HEAT rounds always do 1 damage?

Wargame : Casual dragon.

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