[Red Dragon] Patch (v.49053)

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Re: [Red Dragon] Patch (v.49053)

Postby Phoenix McRazor » Mon 17 Oct 2016 23:17

Well. not today thats for sure. Hope for good. Eugen better take some additional time to polish things instead of breaking game one again.

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Re: [Red Dragon] Patch (v.49053)

Postby RANX » Tue 18 Oct 2016 03:50

Mephistopheles wrote:As you can see in both cases the Merkava 2A outperforms the K1 and the Leopard 2
As an IFV the Merkava with those stats should not be in the same price range. the Price needs to be adjusted aka. More pricey! or frontal armor and/or gun needs to be adjusted.

On 2275 it would have 14 AP and 60% accuracy. This is why Merkava IIB isn't a good option in "tanks" section; also IIA has only 14 shells. Availability only as an IFV isn't an advantage, I would prefer to have 1 card of Mk19 squad on M113 and buy IIA only when necessary.

Capion wrote:Well I agree BMTPs are nothing special, if you are bluefor and dont have a 2 stack of Leo2s or a 3-4 stack of Leo1A4s (or their equivalent) in the forest its your own fault. You can deal with BMTPs, you cant with Merkava IIas, they can shoot back.

2 55 pts tanks with 15 AP kill a Merkava in 2x1 shots on typical for deep forest 300 m with at least 1 survivor. So micromanaging of tanks and their inf cover determines the result of a fight. Low-skilled players can just spam fusiliers 90, which also surely kill shock 15s being overnumbered 2:1 and able to fight shock 10s 3:2.

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Re: [Red Dragon] Patch (v.49053)

Postby smyljr » Tue 18 Oct 2016 10:32

not early enough
:mid-match connecting(matchmaking), LoS bubble(Ruse), interchangeable loadouts, moving in formations different ranges for altitudes, 1$ price increments, tank/copter ecm, 5/6 weapon slots, and 10 player deathmatch nukemode

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Re: [Red Dragon] Patch (v.49053)

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Tue 18 Oct 2016 13:04

Patch has been released:

Thread locked.

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