M113 Minigun

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Re: M113 Minigun

Postby another505 » Thu 29 Dec 2016 22:01

Razzmann wrote:That would not have happened if you went on the trip with me :evil:

One day sweetie, i will visit germany <3

Is quite possible since my cousin works in airline, he travels cheaply and i try to stick with him just like that time in netherland
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Re: M113 Minigun

Postby Seryn » Fri 30 Dec 2016 10:05

another505 wrote:
codextero wrote:
another505 wrote:-snip-

I believe this is yet another case of an A/CBC diagnosed with psychosis due to acute tourist relatives syndrome.

Unfortunately there is no cure and it is terminal.

Oh death , sweet release of death..... please come.

Should have shot me a message, I don't live far from Seattle, and I know the place better than I know the back of my hand. And you never disobey a tour guide if you don't wanna get yelled at in Chinese, German AND English 8-)

Edit: Noticed you said tha you said heading to LA, just drove from south of LA all the way back to WASHINGTON, fun stuff.

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