Unit vision and liaison

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Unit vision and liaison

Postby aboveaverage » Sun 12 Mar 2017 16:35


I am quite new to this game and already love it. I feel the game is developed in a way that both fun to play and as realistic as possible. Though some important factors are not included in the game: day/night, weathers, etc. for some understandable reasons.

The issue I want to discuss is the vision problem, which exist in almost all RTS games. In RD, for example I have infantry X and a tank Y 500m apart. As soon as X observe an enemy unit, Y will shoot it at the same time. This may achievable today thanks to the modern C4I system, but back to 70s, not every unit have a radio, and if he have, he cannot share his information to all his force at the same time. Many times units just losing contact with HQ and combat on their own. Would love to see if the dev will try do anything in the new Steel Division.

Welcome to discuss.

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Re: Unit vision and liaison

Postby ardi223 » Sun 12 Mar 2017 19:53

although what u say is true it cant be implanted in the game.because cat c tanks will be even more crap than they are now
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Re: Unit vision and liaison

Postby Mister Maf » Sun 12 Mar 2017 20:58

This has been talked about a lot on the Paradox SDN'44 forum. It seems like a 50/50 split between people who want a complex spotting and comms system like you describe, and people who feel that on the sliding scale of "game" vs. "milsim", this type of video game is much closer to the game side and is better off with perfect spotting for the sake of simplicity. I'm in the latter camp.

Try checking out Combat Mission if you haven't already, though. It has a very in-depth spotting and information relay system. You might like.

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Re: Unit vision and liaison

Postby FrangibleCover » Mon 13 Mar 2017 12:24

For my part I'm not in favour of it. I think that Borg spotting is one of those necessary abstractions that separates Wargame, a realistic RTS, from the Combat Mission style of 'Tactical Simulator' or whatever you want to call it. The current recon system, as opaque as it is, is a gameplay feature and is designed to make the game fun rather than realistic. Ardi's point about the unfair effects on units that are already bad is a good one and will only intensify with Steel Division, where the nicked French tanks that the worse German units may have to rely on are going to be functionally unable to communicate with anyone.

Of course, if you want a fully realistic system get ten mates, give them all specialisation decks that only have a company of infantry or a troop of armour or a realistic allocation of artillery and then play a 10v10 tactical while everyone is on teamspeak and you're running the show (while only looking at a printout of the map). That's a start, there are plenty of other rules you can put on that too :lol: .
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Re: Unit vision and liaison

Postby Partibrejker » Mon 13 Mar 2017 15:58

Me personally I'd vote for game standard on this one, who wants milsim he may list in the army asap :D

Speaking of which, is there anyone that can explain to me how unit vision works, aka how can I know where their vision circle or cone ends, and how does that works in practice. Since, after 1600 hours+ I still take my unit vision as witchcraft and wizardry.
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