ATGM teams, the most annoying units to play against?

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Re: ATGM teams, the most annoying units to play against?

Postby KattiValk » Mon 27 Mar 2017 18:24

Mortars. If the ATGM team still doesn't die from HE due to luck/micro, then smoke before you move.

Still, Spikes are pretty ridiculous though. Ironic given they aren't that fast IRL.

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Re: ATGM teams, the most annoying units to play against?

Postby Razzmann » Mon 27 Mar 2017 18:34

As mentioned already, smoke.

An alternative is just sending cheap shit in order to drain them empty (although that might not really work out if the enemy has supply units nearby) with cheap units.

A better alternative is MLRS-ing or using cheap but high HE arty to pin them down (2 M109s for example should be enough) and with a bit of luck you might even kill them since most have only 2HP.

And yes, Spikes are easily the best ATGM squads ingame, hell I even use both Maglans and Spike LRs in my Israel decks.

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Re: ATGM teams, the most annoying units to play against?

Postby realfakealex » Wed 29 Mar 2017 17:55

Use cheap transports to soak damage and for the opponent to micro more..
Smoke for added effect and confuse the enemy into thinking you have infantry moving in too.

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Re: ATGM teams, the most annoying units to play against?

Postby RedFive » Fri 31 Mar 2017 03:48

Smoke to obstruct vision and cheap APCs to soak up their ammo before sending in good units.

Agree that they can be annoying when well placed, but not insurmountable by any means.

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Re: ATGM teams, the most annoying units to play against?

Postby duro909 » Sat 1 Apr 2017 16:40

Pleb Squasher wrote:What on earth do you do as a player to counter these units? There's literally no cost effective counters/reliable counter play, despite these bastards having the capacity to easily make their points back with almost no input.
Obviously most ATGM infantry aren't a problem, however decent variants, like the Milan 3, Konkurs M and the infamous (and outright ridiculous) Spike can literally win games by making any kind of manoeuvre near towns impossible. Well it is possible, however you're so likely to lose ludicrous amounts of units worth of points to the 25-30 point mean machines.

Smoke is the obvious option, however smoke really is a pretty bad tool. Smoke has unreliable, difficult to see coverage. The ATGM team can just town hop or move slightly and the smoke is usually circumvented or they shoot you through some stupid gap in the smoke. Mortars often still cost more than any ATGM squad.
Fire position, well you're definitely going to take a lot of hits if you try to counter like this. Just generally, fire position is a really crap way to deal with these units and really doesn't function as a particularly effective or viable counter play.
Dealing with these units is just hideous and unfun, there is no reliable way to do so but these units are still so punishing. On some maps they are downright bullshit to play against.
Bombers are your worst option, as town hopping away is literally the easiest thing to do ever. It's pretty stupid really that these units don't have set up and tear down times to circumvent the town hopping cancer that accompanies them.

Honestly, I think it's pretty ridiculous how a generous sprinkling of these units totally shuts down any kind of vehicle movement in a significant area. It doesn't even matter that these guys have low ammo and health, they typically make their points back + more with their first one or two shots, who even cares if they die after that?
The only half decent way to counter these units I have success with, is noting where they are and using persistent shelling to pick them off. It's still very slow and unreliable, doesn't work at all vs big towns and any half decent players just town hop these guys forward once they're actually needed, so any shelling is unlikely to hit.

I remember back in EE, where if you wanted ATGM teams to be any good, you had to shell out way more points for them (you had to pay for veterency in EE). They did cost a significant amount, but it was fair because they were great at killing stuff, just like they are now...
This was even before proper town and stealth mechanics and they were still viable! Why on earth are so they so cheap now???

Does anyone have any reliable advice for countering these things?

a) smoke
b) MLRS suppression - they hit nothing when suppressed
c) bait with cheap vehicles/transports/trucks
d) arty them if air bombardment is not possible - they are very vulanerable and die to fart even in buildings...
e) their ammo capacity is very low thus need to be rearmed often - use this fact

they are not really a problem, plenty of ways to deal with them ;-)
... and Malware-free banner too!

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