The Art of Soviet Airborne [Reboot Edition]

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The Art of Soviet Airborne [Reboot Edition]

Postby another505 » Mon 19 Jun 2017 03:09

I am bored waiting for a plane in cape verde to Lisbon
So i am just going to write something i really love to play as, for a game I really love but basically vegetated....



I think i have three to four hundred hours on just this deck and the composition has always been evolving with the meta, showing its adaptability.

I am going to talk about team conquest , your roles and advantages,
i played ten games with rank with it and didnt lose once (no tactical outplay) , but that is a small pool of experience, generally mediocre players and i find 1v1 boring so i wont bother trying to move up the ladder to face better players with it

You have three roles: SUPPORT, GRIND and BURST


First thing, get two cards of cv. One in helo and one in apc or jeep. You will buy cv for your teammates cause they need the pts for pricey tanks and aa. Helo CV is needed for some helo openers and useful for maps that have reinforcement zones quite far. Example: Hop to Glory or Highway.
Helo CV in Ka-29, which is a decent helicopter. A bit expensive for my taste but does it job in providing helo support in opening.
Mi-8MTV can be taken, but for my deck i have used all of their cards.

and of course mandatory FOB and supply trucks.

Artillery, sead , atgm planes are all part of support

Nona Trained
They are mediocre and overpriced but is still usable. It has less shells than other 120mm mortars, and they usually cost 40 or even 30pts instead of 50.
Svk are just way too pricey and base nona can be spammed when needed for one card.

Strela10m Hardened.
Your AA, mostly for killing helo in the front line, helping teammate out and deterring enemy planes.
They are quite cheap, require no micro with IR AA and 12 missiles to boast.
Place them in water is actually a very good use.

ZSU-23-2 Trained
Here is a bug eugen, the 15pts AA trucks have weird veterancy across the board. Some have base vet of rookie and some have trained. But both rookie and trained one have same avail... And ofc, USSR gets this short end of the stick
Is for base defense and helo openers.
It does is job in base. Skrezhet is a bit too costly since you have to come with vdv, spetz or igla
In helo opener it is cheap, fast, can remove enemy AA helo. Its also the best you have for wheeled.... Strela1m is too unreliable for my taste with 4 missiles only, no range, low accuracy. X2 the price of zsu23.

Im going to talk about the planes individually since planes are mostly in SUPPORT Duty.
In general, you won't run out of planes unless very late game. So Eliting planes for a lot better cost effectiveness is a very viable way.

Su24 SEAD can be chosen as elite which surprisingly is very reliable.

Mig25bm is necessary for this deck because su24 does die easily to asf or IR AA with that paltry 20 ecm joke for a SEAD....
The combination of bomber then su-24 then Mig-25bm is needed to kill Patriots.

Su25t Elite
Is actually not really for tank busting but harassing. Removing AA, medium tanks , ifv and taking out helos. Its pricey and requires a LOT of support. Air superiority and AA removal. So its either for early game or late game when AA is the weakest in general . Or at least hopefully you have remove most of them
Sadly, i still find this plane much overpriced.... A10 is a better plane in my opinion for its cost.


is honestly an average plane compare to seria. And pales incomparison to amazing planes like kahu and super galeb. But it still works and does it job. Some coalition dont even have 30ap tank buster

The Creme of USA Salt. Someone needs to make a Su27m meme gif.
Elite and deadly. Comes out and snipe tanks and AA
Problem is that it is pricey and 1 per card
It does not make good trade in suicide unlike any other ATGM planes. So you take it when enemy AA are low so you can start snowballing or you need both asf and atgm plane.
Mig-27k are for the suicide duty.

Mig25pd Elite
Your cheap asf. Its honeslty kinda unreliable. At times perform miracles and at times fail miserably
Its still a good plane and because it can perform miracles out of nowhere. Sometimes opponent arent willing to risk their more pricey asf for it. Makes it an actually good deterrent lol.


Su27s Veteran
outshined by Yak and Mig's cost effectiveness. Is still a good sexy plane. But you wont take it in general. You can swap them for Mig-25PD for big 4v4 maps. Su-27s has better TOT and Missile range for big maps. Higher ECM for survivability since 4v4 generally has a lot of AAs and ASF to fight... And pts arent as tight for 4v4 games so the extra cost over PD is worth it.

Yak-141 Elite
The very good cost effective asf. Problem is, if rng is a bit unkind, its screw
It cant turn to try to kill the target after it flew over
And four missiles sometimes is iffy. But only sometimes
It is still a very very good plane

Su27pu Elite
Is average. Yea, you heard me.
Compare to rafale that is the same price and a lot better (missile accuracy and stealth) other than tot
To Eurofighter which cost ten pts less just because of two mraam difference
Or f15c and f18c that has opvulcan and is 170pts too.... i guess they have weaker turn radius but opvulcan is such a huge advantage.

You still take Pu cause sometimes yak and mig cant take out elite asf even in pairs.... they run out of missiles against high ecm targets or get shot down first because of lower ecm.

Use it behind a yak or mig in killing elite asf.

Katt mention it leaves holes in bomb pattern. But that is rarely a problem. Honestly, after the power creeped Lavi and F-111c, su24m is the best bomber. It is cheap, big blast radius, and resupply SURPRISINGLY fast. IIRC, about the same time as Mig-29s that carries 4 pathetic FAB-500. Its speed is nice and ecm is viable.

The rocket plane. Cheap surgical strike since you have no lgb. Its a very good plane that most ppl neglect and prefer pricey plane . It can remove 5av stuffs that includes something pricey like m3a2 and it can even one shot a medium tank on the side. It fast speed allow it remove AA like HAWKS. It is also great in city fights since enemy cant dodge the rockets in general and the resupply speed is amazing

So in general my list of planes are this

Pu , yak, Mig- 25pd or Su-27s, su27m , mig27k or su25t. Trained/Elite su24 and mig25bm , mig21bis and su24m

It has the best balance of air superiority, tank busting, sead and a2g

You might think, Another, that's not enough bombers or anti tank planes
In general, your teammates will provide them and you have enough
Your vet bonus dont really help bombers. It is better for you take more ASF which USSR has plenty of good ones, ATGM and SEAD where the veterancy matter
And your teammates probably have better AT planes once you took su27m and mig27k like super galeb or seria

Other planes that we dont take in a brief explanation

Mig-29m, too costly, low veterancy for ASF duty and cluster bombs are crap
Mig-29s , I occasionally take it cause I am a filthy Fulcrum and Flanker fanboy. Its not really worth it, its small blast radius, long rearm time. Mig-21bis is a lot better
Il-102, extremely costly, gets stunned easily before drop is bomb. Actually 20pts too much
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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby another505 » Mon 19 Jun 2017 03:19


Its not the best but aint bad. Other than Scandi or DCG Mech in blufor, VDV deck can outgrind or at least equal most inf heavy decks in infantry combat with support of your air advantage
Though I think EB or Entente Mech is the best grinders.

Elite vdv75
are deadly, quite efficient in infantry removal. and that rpg16 often catch ppl off guard with its range and accuracy
For 20pts shock, it isn't the best or even in top 10 of 20pt shock inf but the elite veterancy, avail, and uniqueness of RPG16D makes it still viable in grinding.

15 AP. Though I wish it is 16AP, it is not really a problem.
1, There are more and more 3av APC so 1 shotting 2fav are not as important
2, IFV like Th495 and DDR BMP-1 has been nerfed
3, the accuracy and range of RPG16D makes VERY RELIABLE to score hits and kills even panicked in forest range. Especially when you have these boys in elite. So something like 16AP or even 24AP RPG7vr might not be as reliable in killing most vehicles in forest compare to RPG-16D.
Still, i wish there is a range buff to RPG16d to 980m range, since it is very long range irl. Outranging all other 875m AT launchers ingame.

Vdv90 a mix of vet and elite for the best balance of quantity and quality.
is there for tank busting and psychological warfare in forest lol.
In general i have 2.5 vdv 75 : 1 vdv90 in the field. Don't forget to buy them!! Sometimes I keep spamming VDV 75 against MG3 hordes and there comes a heavy tank, I would have very high unnecessary casualty

Spetz Elite
You buy them like one in 8 or 9 VDV squads. Its not godlike anymore but it does complicate the enemy unit composition and at times. Provide speedy breakthrough in an inf grind fest area. That is actually really nice. Still, I would make them 30pts with other Napalm SF. They are just too niche and costly.

Gorno90 vet

Very reliable in tank busting being veteran.
It hurts in close medium range maps. But you only call in a few . You dont spam them like legion90 since they still suck against inf and they are pricey!
They are mostly relegated to town defense and helo opening

Konkursm nuff said

Igla is better than iglaN . You take igla veteran so you have better accuracy , cheaper for the same avail as hardened iglaN . 5he in this case is not worth it as its job is to shoot helo. Planes are dealt by your asf


Vet igla in skrezhet is a beautiful combo. One stuns and the other damage. And skrezhet protects igla against inf

Btrd is nice. Its fav is not spectacular with 3fav ones running around but the mg do stun

skrezhet in elite stuns plane. Take them in vdv90 they can basically hold a flank all by itself

Vdv75 elite with bmd3
25pts come with elite konkursM is really important for a deck that lacks field control since it has no tanks. Its a pricey combo to spam, but it does offer a nice option in fire support.

Deadly, force enemy to buy long range IR AA instead of RAD AA could be very helpful for your planes.
Turning off its gun in attack move will force them use their rockets outside of min. range.

Infantry composition. The number of transport cards for BTR-D really makes it complicated... If there is 5 cards of BTR-D, that will be great.

2x VDV 75 Elite in BTR-D for main fighting force
1x VDV 75 Elite in BMD-3 for atgm vehicles, FSV
1X VDV 90 Veteran in BTR-D for covering the VDV75
1X VDV 90 Veteran in Skrezhet , you might run out of vdv90 so veteran is better
1x VDV 90 Elite in Skrezhet for flank and are used up first before you start buying the veterans.
1x Gorno 90 veteran in Mi-8mtv, for helo opening and town defense.
1x KonkursM in Mi-8mtv. In helo opening and town defence. Would take them BTR-D for being cheaper but you need the BTR-D for the grindy infantry.
1x Spetznaz Elite in Skrezhet for breakthrough
1x Igla Veteran in Skrezhet.

Divided into two categories: HELO SWAM and AIR BURST. Both have two different time period to work.

Note: Once you pick your beautiful VDV deck, and see opponent immediately switching to NORAD, EC, Israel or BD in response. Don't do a helo opening, let them waste their pts. in A2A helo. Do a mechanized/moto opening instead.
This is actually really really helpful, giving you an early edge.

Composition of Helo opening

1x Hardened Ka-52, you won't need 3 trained, so take 2 hardened. You get better accuracy with Igla and better recon ability

1x Elite Ka-50, being elite gives it +90 percent accuracy with Vikhr making it very deadly. Having only 1 is sufficient as long as you micro, and the efficiency difference between trained and elite is just huge. Also they cost a lot, so you shouldnt buy so many of them, if you are, you are probably losing already.

1x Veteran Mi-24v.
Its an overpriced A2A helo, but you need it to take the hits and Ka-52 and Ka-50 alone will lose to DAPS and powercreeped Tzefa E so watch out!

2-3x Hardened Gorno 90 for providing defense in the town.

2 Hardened Razvedka in Mi-8mtv to cheaply provide rocket support as the Gorno are landing. When they are landing they are unable to fire rockets.
Also cheap recon, that can use later to sneak around.

This is your BURST. It is risky but the payout can be huge. If you have a RD player on your side, their Ty90 support is nice which its whole purpose of existence.
SOKOL aren't bad too in escort.

You scout in with your kamovs and mi24v, let the mi24v fly way further ahead despite no A2A helo, you will be able to get a glimpse of what enemy AA composition are before they reach your Helos, you might able to kill a CV inf in Helo, or get in the choke position where the yakb and rockets could temporary stun them.

Let the gorno 90 land first, just before the edge of the town. This is really hard, you can land too far back or in the front where enemy can shoot them. Its really luck.

Let the Razvekda in Mi-8mtv stun the enemy. Let your Ka-50 pick up expensive targets. Call in the cheap Mig-21bis to kill 3325m IR AA. Make sure your PD or Yak is covering you.

Once the enemy is rushing close to your town, maybe your razvekda helo are out of rockets or dead. Your Kamovs have to retreat. Tell your MI-8mtv that landed to fly up to suddenly wipe out the enemy or AA. Preferably the unexpected AA that has been attack moving towards you the whole time.

You should have ground force coming to immediately reinforce your frontline
4 Spetz Gru in truck
1-2 BRDM-3
If you have pts, get some ZSU-23-3 in case you are faced with daps and tzefa E. Feint retreat with your helo. Though there is a high chance you already lost your speed advantage, so a full retreat to the next line is in order. You can land to some trees are small town that still provides a better forward zone control than motorize can be.

Things to watch out:
Nighthawk- you have no long range AA and ASF actually dont provide good reconaissance of it until its too late. You need to predict when they will come by guessing how long has it been the last time it called, was it damage, what value of targets they have.

When you have crap tons of Mi-8mtv after calling in gorno, razvekdas and konkurs M. You can provide a breakthrough with them, let them be in the front to soak up enemy AA and let your Ka-50 or other AT helo remove high end targets. Keep using air support to remove AA or anything of high value.

Once you snowballed your enemy with removing their AA with Nona, Mig21bis, Su25t/Mig27k, su27m and SEAD. Or cleared the sky with your ASF. You can constantly burst the enemy with huge airforce that destroy their frontlines, allowing your teammate to move in.
This is in late game as you need to kill a lot of AA and ASF, have pts for planes.

You can do it in early game with lots of bombers, AT planes and helo in double teamming a flank.

Composition include Su-24m to bomb the road.
Su27m for air cover and tank sniping
Mig-21bis against AA
Su-24 for SEAD
a Mig-25pd or YAK 141 for assisting and soaking up hits for the Su-27m

Ka-50 and Ka-52 to come and clean up.
Note this has more than the opening pts of 825 in total. Mig-25PD or Yak141 and Mig-21bis can be bought later, you dont need to call them out immediately.

The AIR BURST requires the most micro. You are microing 7-9 planes with different roles with extreme short time of engagement. The flight composition is important too. remove AA or super heavy tanks first, bomb enemy, sead behind, ASF behind, mig21bis even further behind to snipe hidden AA. You have to react fast as targets can suddenly lose LOS and you have to immediately make a decision of evac your plane or switch target, if switching target, can it make it in time or the plane is already too far ahead? Will it also lose LOS. is it worth the plane if i do lose it?

This is hard but can suddenly change the tide of the battle. And frankly, the huge adrenaline of playing BURST is part what makes me love VDV playing style
Other reasons I love this deck is the adaptability as I mentioned briefly before. The amount of opening is huge. I could also include motorized opening but its not complicated when you have spetz gru, brdm-3, zsu23-3, and zhalo as wheeled

Mechanized opening with VDV

Helo opening or Air opening.
These many playstyles will catch your opponents off guard when they expect helo opening or air opening. Choose wisely which opening base on your opponent and map.

A very bad situation is when VDV is forced to fight in medium to long range front against multiple medium tanks and IFV. Even with just a few AA in the back will complicate it by a lot.

Suggestions I would make is to never even get in that situation by allowing your teammate to take it. Or force another front, helo and air opening allows very unconventional places to attack in opening.

Other Units:
Spetz Gru- good with helo opening with the jeeps.
another card with them in Mi24d for cheap gunship, sneaking to the flank. Immediate reinforcement to the frontline, very versatile that razz promoted to me with his Jedo 90 and mi25
They dont do really well against other sf and in forest they arent really good because sniper doesnt have as much suppression as mg
Still the carbine and rpg26 is nice as a support unit . Use them wisely as you have limited amount of them and the four trucks are the ONLY motorized force you have

BMP-685 Hardened, Not a bad unit. Is like T-55a with less armor, better rof and accuracy for 5pts more. fire support duty

Konkurs M jeep Hardened Because you have the AP pts and at time, konkursM infantry is not enough or mobile enough.

BRDM-3 Trained. Ahh, very nice unit, not the best IFV wheeled scout, but still great. Also used in helo opening in ground reinforcement, I believe most of you guys know how to use it.
Zhalo Hardened , cause you have the AP pts. Not much purpose honestly... sometimes with brdm-3 in helo opening.

Helos: Seriously who needs 9 cards of helo. Eugen make it 7 cards and give 7 cards of recon pls, i made my case before that airborne traditionally provides reconaissance , sabotage and infiltration. So 7 cards of recon would be really nice... or at least give them +1 vet bonus.

2x Mi-24v Veteran. They suck in general, daps, and tzefa e kills it and are much cheaper. Tiger HAP is just slightly more costly but with better missiles, a LOT better rockets and gun.
Oh well, you have what you have.

1 Mi-24VP Hardened
I used to love them as 100pts with 8 kokons M, as it will be able to remove a lot of cheap-medium units without being expensive, and generally cheap and medium units wont have expensive long range IR AA covering them
The 80 S-8 rockets are really needed to remove 2-3 infantry squad. I still take them since Mi-24p doesnt have a turret gun, and its not a lot cheaper
Mi-28 Veteran
10 useless S-13 rockets that probably be wasted on transports accidentally. At most kills 1 squad of infantry.
Is not a bad helo but only called in when you are akula and AT planes are dead

Ka-50 Elite
+90 accuracy with extreme missile speed. Sad thing it has to be staying still to have that. Kill things extremely fast.

Things I would wish are in Soviet Airborne, since I'm bored again today. Of course they won't be added or not even very necessary, but I want to also list the reason why it would help the deck and the possibility in the far far far future

Sprut SD Prototype in timeframe late 80s Restricted: Airborne (Armored deck can't take it)
Main gun stats: Same as T80u with Refleks
75kmph offroad
Reason: VDV lacks anti tank in a mobile platform, or a long 2275m fire support vehicle. Would be really nice to support teammate. Also, one of the most unique vehicles in the world. A full MBT firepower that can be paradropped? M8 AGS's wet dream


Su-27IB Prototype early 90s
2 KAB-500 LGB or single KAB-1000. I think a single KAB -1500 that has been suggested before would be OP.
If its KAB-500 it can be 2 per card, if KAB-1000 then 1 per card is a definite, and even, so i think it would be too good.
4 X R-73 SRAAM
40 ECM
Reason: Why doesn't USSR have any LGB. Su27IB is way more fitting to be ingame than il-102 will ever be. Also, USSR would have a nice anti anything on the ground unit.


Strela10m3 1989
Look at Yugo
Reason: Strela10m is still a bit lacking in air defense. If USSR gets it since its in timeframe, and provides a good IR medium price AA for it, it should also be available to VDV

Ka-52 with Kh-25ML 2 per card
with NIMROD stats. The sead missile is controversial, it either wrecks decks like landjut, scandi a bit, and DCG, and bad players, does nothing since IR 2925-3325mm AA are abundant in blufor or against good player who knows how to trick the missile by moving the RAD AA while turning the weapons on and off to make it miss, a trick that is very easy honestly. The Ka-52 can be spotted early on unlike SEAD planes, it has 2 missiles only that will run out fast by using this trick, and they have much slower speed than SEAD missiles on planes that makes it more forgiving to use the trick.

With Kh-25ML, the decks I mention are less crippled by it. The Ka-52 is more useful, and I miss ALB Ka-50 a lot...

Ka-50 Vikhr 2450 3 HE Helo range No price change
Vikhr Missile has the unique design of shooting helicopters with proximity fuse and fragmentation fuse. Give it the capability to shoot helicopters really fast with its igla, and extra a2a missiles.
No price change cause compare to longbow, the ka-50 even with this buff is still inferior.

Both nona and nona svk get ten pts price buff. These mortars has really little ammunition. After price buff, the 40pt 120mm mortars still has more than them

VDV 75 with RPG16D to 980m range. VDV 75 is subpar for 20pts shock, compare to multitude of blufor shock inf with mg3 and minimi that outclass the LMG. Or even redfor new yugo and finnish infantries, or EB shock infantry like spado 90 with rpg7vr or Mot90 with better LMG , Assault rifle and AT weapon.
Giving RPG16 better range will keep USSR out of good MG infantry and be more unique. RPG 16 irl has better range than other 875m AT peers ingame such as SMAW, RPG29 and Carl Gustav 3.
the now outclassed kommandosi will also get a bit of buff.

BTR-D 5 Cards buff from 60 to 70kmph offroad, same price, nerf the Quad PKT a bit
Its lighter than BMD-1 that has 80kmph and same engine but has 60kmph offroad. The BMD series are very speed irl with extremely light armor and powerful engine. So the BTR-D should get some speed buff, but maybe not too much like the BMD for 5pts transport.
BTR-D actually has 2 PKT not 4 PKT irl, so can nerf its MG a bit. But not too much since things like 5pt zelda and 3fav .50 m113 are running around anyways.
VDV decks really run out of BTR-D cards for main fighting force

BTR-D with Fagot to konkurs, same price of 15pts, speed buff like btr-d , a bit of avail. decrease
15pts for fagot? while 20pts for BMD-1P with konkurs, gun and faster offroad speed? There is a reason why you dont see it even in a VDV deck.

Bmd 3 to 30pts
Gain ags17 bow mounted. Bmd3 irl has it

Gorno 90 Shock
these are actually VDV irl. So they should be shock. It won't be really strong since its still holding PKM. no price change

- To FJB-40 stats, it would step on DDR's flavour a bit, but its no where as close as LSTR-40's ability.
Provides a nice support infantry to VDV. Great for heli opening too.
- Price buff to 30pts, no change. Napalm infantry are overpriced. I just dont find napalm SF to be sufficiently better than other SF in town fights to worth the same price while losing a lot of versatility. The ability of anti tank is extremely important, not just against vehicles but it can panic enemy infantry nearby the vehicle that got hit which basically does more than half the job of RPO .
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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby Holy_crap » Mon 19 Jun 2017 03:29

holy arse that english
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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby another505 » Mon 19 Jun 2017 11:32

Holy_crap wrote:holy arse that english

Im typing it a phone while waiting in an airport, will edit and fix it when have time
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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby FrangibleCover » Mon 19 Jun 2017 12:55

Really interesting post, thanks!
What if Wargame stuck to timeframe?

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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby Razzmann » Mon 19 Jun 2017 13:37

FrangibleCover wrote:Really interesting post, thanks!

You're welcome!

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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby Mike » Mon 19 Jun 2017 17:00

Razzmann wrote:
FrangibleCover wrote:Really interesting post, thanks!

You're welcome!

For covering another505 while he faps to the Ka-52? :lol:
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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby Razzmann » Mon 19 Jun 2017 17:23

Mike wrote:
Razzmann wrote:
FrangibleCover wrote:Really interesting post, thanks!

You're welcome!

For covering another505 while he faps to the Ka-52? :lol:

Exactly, you don't know how often I have to carry him!

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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby KattiValk » Mon 19 Jun 2017 17:25

No helicopters? Where's the Ka-52 rant? :D

Would help to mention that Su-24M sometimes has holes in its bomb pattern.

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Re: The Art of Soviet Airborne

Postby another505 » Mon 19 Jun 2017 20:01

Razzmann wrote:Exactly, you don't know how often I have to carry him!

I say i carry you guys more than the other way with airborne!!!!
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