login problem

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login problem

Postby Snez0k » Thu 13 Jul 2017 09:30

Never had such a problem for all 1600 hours of play, but apparently today it was a game to argue with me. Tried to go into the account to go to lose the game in 10v10 (thanks to summer sales incentive). The first time I did not start up the network game, well, I thought again the server problems, that was, I could not stop changing the password, I would create a second account if I was at some level 10, but I'm sorry for my 44.
Steam profile if need it: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Snez0k/
Pls return this profile to me. Will try myself, but thinks this bugs need to be repaired.

Ps: Hello from mother Russia Comrades
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Re: login problem

Postby Fade2Gray » Fri 14 Jul 2017 01:54

Was this from last night(well, from my local time at least)? I'm not sure what it says in English for the 2nd pic, but if it was telling you that your login/password were invalid it was just the EUGEN servers doing one of their usual hiccups. It's back to normal now, I played a couple games today.

It is annoying when it happens, I had a lobby going where I was just 2 people away from being able to start when the server died and stayed down for who knows how many hours. Had to ask a couple other people on Steam to check to see if they had the same problem and sure enough, everyone couldn't login.
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