Conquest without income - Best of both worlds

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Re: Conquest without income - Best of both worlds

Postby Shrike » Sat 18 Nov 2017 23:17

integ3r wrote:I'd argue that defending is STILL too easy in this game, as recon performs quite poorly and can't see ATGMs in buildings until very close, can't see stuff in forests too well, and in general can't see much without exposing themselves to great danger. Another reason why fighting recon having stealth bonus is such cancer. Hence recon by suicide or recon by "risk taking" with low cost units being necessary. That might seem "spammy", but ultimately, if you can't defend against that, maybe you're not as good at defending as you thought you were and the crutch of people being too afraid to take risks keeps your flanks safe.

I blame all the primadonnas who cried spam whenever they saw more than two tanks creep up on them.

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