The Time has come for a Community Patch

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Re: The Time has come for a Community Patch

Postby Bollywood Baloney » Mon 18 Dec 2017 04:12

Re: modding, I've always found it best to just make something and try it out with people than endlessly debate what balance is and what it should be. There are as many opinions on balance as there are players (and this applies to competitive players too) so trying to establish consensus is an exercise in futility.

When we did Uralgraznomod (which had some radical things in it), we'd make the mod first and then try to win people over rather than the other way around, because people are going to lose interest while waiting for you anyway. It's best to just make a mod that reflects what you think Wargame should be and then show people. If they like it, great, if not, too bad.

Also, a "community patch" that everyone adopts will never happen. It's much better to grow a smaller community of people who are interested than try to recruit all the pubbies.
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Re: The Time has come for a Community Patch

Postby damoj » Mon 18 Dec 2017 04:13

I feel like every infantry squad - even command units - should have at least a very basic anti-armour weapon.
Legacy LAWs and RPGs on Engineers would be pretty useful and reasonable, allowing them not to get Shrek'd by 5pt transports.
I think AGLs should replace LMGs and not AT weapons. Generally, the third infantry weapon should be an LMG, AGL, flamer, or MANPAD.
No AT weapon should be the exception, not the rule. 30% ACC, 525m range, ~13 AP weapons on CVs, Engies or even 5+ man MANPAD units are not really OP.
5 man Mistral teams with 2-4 rounds of ammo for the 14 AP French AT weapon seems pretty acceptable for its price.
Obviously 2 man teams are another matter, both for MANPADs and Snipers.
Legacy AT weapons function as a nice stand-in for the latter as "demolition charges" which may be more ~realistic~.

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