Wargame 4 Conspiracy Theories

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Wargame 4 Conspiracy Theories

Postby James-Bond » Mon 9 Apr 2018 02:05

Welcome, so this thread is mean to be light hearted and fun, about;
Why Wargame 4 isn't being developed currently.

So I'll start. please put on this tinfoil hat.

After the Major success of WG:RD, alpha development of Wargame 4 was carried out.
At this point General's were invited to test the validity and fidelity of the system.
Which proved to be of an excellent standard surpassing previous systems.
Leak of this occured, news spreads and sparked fears with government officials that this could be used to craft formidable opposition strategists

Following the drama of the MC02
https://warontherocks.com/2015/11/mille ... ts-legacy/

Effort has been to extinguish development of games in this area.
Conveniently the alpha game data was corrupted so development couldnt progress, and development of different game titles has meant the team has not had any time to work on Wargame 4.


I imagine a lot of you are more creative &/or funnier than me. So lets hear it lol

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Re: Wargame 4 Conspiracy Theories

Postby 47andrej » Mon 9 Apr 2018 18:08

Not bad, not bad.

I mean what on the earth can keep some company off from making good money?

Having prolonged vacations on Guantanamo Bay afterwards.

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