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Airland's maps

Posted: Fri 14 Sep 2018 13:32
by lord_raccoon
I know that red dragon will never recieve airlands maps, which were perfect. But I still have a hope. Is there any chance that they will be released as a dlc or mod?

Re: Airland's maps

Posted: Sat 15 Sep 2018 09:17
by Sireyn
The maps from ALB are not compatible with RD for several reasons. They use assets (trees, buildings, etc) that do not exist in RD and they were not built with amphibious vehicles in mind. If I recall, Eugen has stated that they would have to recreate the maps from scratch, therefore I consider a DLC unlikely.

Regarding modding, there may be some potential, but the progress I have seen is limited. Here is an old thread on the topic.

and some images

Re: Airland's maps

Posted: Sun 7 Oct 2018 18:19
by Mike
Since the newer maps have amphibious capabilities, they aren't cross compatible unfortunately. Seeing that there hasn't been a content update in a long time, the possibility of DLC, much less and simple balance patch, is highly unlikely to me.