EU 1-5 *Tactical* Servers

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Re: EU 1-5 *Tactical* Servers

Postby ZaQQQ » Sun 10 Jan 2021 09:24

KimDankUn wrote:Hey can you ban Ronin? hes pretty much banned from every other tactical server for Team killing

Ronin is a real headache but last time he trying to do look like normal player. I will wait for TK behavior and report him.

Today's tactic is to feed enemy with own units from start of the game on an important direction, sit on the first place to take control of ragequit players and feed them also.

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Re: EU 1-5 *Tactical* Servers

Postby Misterix_max » Sun 7 Mar 2021 05:27

Gimpyl and Ronin = both tk and sell their units to enemy.

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Re: EU 1-5 *Tactical* Servers

Postby Poison Rat » Sun 7 Mar 2021 09:55

Misterix_max wrote:Gimpyl and Ronin = both tk and sell their units to enemy.

I know this "send units to enemy and then I am smart" -thing, but it's just annoying thing. It can happen even accidentally, so...

TK is other thing, that is clearly stated it is not allowed and confirmed tk means banning from the server. If you can provide all the information needed about the tk, it might be checked. Read the forum what files and information you have to make available, also the replay-file is needed to doublecheck it.

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