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How do you find online games?

Posted: Fri 11 Jan 2019 22:40
by Assault_Korps
Howdy, folks! I'm new to WRD and I'm trying to find my first online game. How does one go about doing this? Thanks!

Re: How do you find online games?

Posted: Thu 31 Jan 2019 00:06
by urogard
On the left sidebar, click on multiplayer

Then you have 2 options:
You can create your own game, select the map and wait for people to join, europe evening is peak player time (up to 4v4 with any number of computer players, but please try to avoid adding any computer players because they are total crap)

Join any of the 10v10 servers.

Some fill up faster than others, some never fill up. (haters will say 10v10 is cancer, but the awful truth is you can learn some extremely bad habits on those games, so be careful)

You can join a 10v10 that's waiting to be filled up.

You CAN join a server that is 0/20 (use the filter setting to show empty servers) and people might join after they see a player in there, it's a good way of getting to play maps you want to play, rather than just whatever's running.

You can also join a server with an ongoing game, then just wait in the lobby until game is over and you can play the next round.