The Online experience is killng the game

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The Online experience is killng the game

Postby ioannis84 » Tue 19 Mar 2019 17:02

Dear Developers ,
I saw some videos of Steel Division. Seriously guyies you put a lot o effort in creating this games . But it doenst feel liek a strategy game it feels more like rock and paper scissor game when u play online. It has the same issue as Warthudner and teh spawn system. Exprience players know the units know the maps and completly outpower new players. And stuff like the heli spam are making are causing rage quits . Seriously you have to think about this issues in future games. I would propose the single player to a friend but the game online experience is toxic

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Re: The Online experience is killng the game

Postby ardi223 » Wed 20 Mar 2019 15:03

that's why you need to play new players first.
or play 10v10.
The community is a bit toxic I'll admit but the game itself is fun enough to keep you satisfied.
I want Lena Katina :mrgreen: :D 8-)

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