CPU Bottlenecks in Large Scale Battles (interested in some user observations)

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CPU Bottlenecks in Large Scale Battles (interested in some user observations)

Postby HansPeter1981 » Fri 10 May 2019 06:44

Good Evening.

To make it short my Game starts with Ultra Settings 1440p with 100- 140 fps. Once there are a certain amount of units on the map the CPu starts to bottleneck the system. I.e. Straight to the point 10 vs 10 towards the end of the game 40-50 fps with my 1070ti at around 50% usage and one of my 8 cores of my ryzen7 2700 OC @ 3900mHZ pushing 80-97%.

I have tried a lot. OC to 4100mhz overclocking Memory (3200 flareX) to 3466, disabling SMT (hyperthreating) disabling cores, setting certain affinity and so on.

I was benchmarking always with the same replay at the same time marker of 8 mins and 10 seconds into the game.
Everything at stock 70fps. Best possible result was 88 fps with cpu and memory oc.

Changeing graphic settings to low at lower resolution changes almost nothing. (which was expected since the gpu only runs at or below 70% utilization)

So I start to wonder if its a ryzen problem and if an Intel cpu would be able to keep the fps higher/ the GpU fully utilized, or if its the same high workload for an Intel cpu.

Maybe somebody can share his observation. I am especially interested in non-tactical games (I get high fps until the very end there).
Zoomed out quite a bit and or fully late game stage 10vs10 or skirmish 4vs4 straight to the point fully zoomed out 15-20 minutes into the game)

Please share your fps and cpu type
If available (i.e with msi afterburner) utilization of cpu cores and gpu.

I appreciate any info I can get.

Attached some screen shots. (didn't safe the OC@4100 with Memory at 3466 which resulted in 88fps)

Ryzen 7 2700 at Stock Settings
Ryzen7 2700 Stock small.jpg
Ryzen7 2700 Stock small.jpg (214.84 KiB) Viewed 1218 times

Ryzen 7 2700 OC@4100 SMT off
Ryzen7 2700 OC@4100 small.jpg
Ryzen7 2700 OC@4100 small.jpg (213.12 KiB) Viewed 1218 times
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