Just want to gush about the 1991 mod

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Just want to gush about the 1991 mod

Postby daniel77 » Sat 25 May 2019 10:37

Hello everyone,

I thought about getting back into this game after years, and heard about this mod. Previously I didn't even think modding this game was possible. But this mod makes a lot of common sense decisions that fix the annoyances I had with the game, especially the deck building.

Getting rid of the '85 & '90 unit variants and just standardizing everything as "1991" is such a genius idea. It gets rid of the noob trap units that seemed to be included only for Cat C, and removes the artificial price inflation of more competitive units now that they no longer have to be more expensive than their "vanilla" variant. In Red Dragon I always felt like the cheap, old units were worthless and the competitive units were too precious, so it was a negative feeling regardless. Now I can just pick a unit without worrying about it!

Standardizing infantry stops my OCD from checking every single fucking unit card to see which weapon variant gets some slight bonus. Now I just have to look at the intended role and the big modifiers (stat vs CQB MG's, SACLOS etc.) and make a decision instead of agonizing over it. Similar thing with Soviet tanks.

Buffing ATGMs (especially love the Dragon 2 launcher for the Marines) means I don't have to agonize over AP values. Now extra penetration is exclusively for extra damage a'la European Escalation, instead of desperately trying to match some ridiculous value of a super heavy. I always felt penalized in Red Dragon by the possibility of super heavies just rendering everything useless and forcing you to use Seahawks or some shit (or worse, rely on guaranteed 1 damage from HEAT and have to fire 10 missles...)

Parity between factions on unit distribution. The thing I hated most was attempting to make similar decks for each faction, and in almost every tab they fuck with you if you try to find units of a similar role. Either one side is limited 1 card for some inexplicable reason, or that role is given to only a few nations making it plain impossible. It was such a relief for me to be able to make a USA and a USSR deck where the logistics and recon tabs were similar, unit for unit (matching Bradley against BMP3, for example).

Thank you!

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