Patch 117426 - Teleportation fix

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Re: Patch 117426 - Teleportation fix

Postby NickArt » Sun 16 Aug 2020 20:13

Hold on, I just realized, so apparently Gjoll not working for years (which literally breaks your game and makes you crash, EXCEPT when on linux or mac (lol)) is something that doesn't need fixing, but this weird unknown bug did?

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Re: Patch 117426 - Teleportation fix

Postby Sonki3 » Sun 6 Sep 2020 15:31


Hey there.

I have a small problem/bug in the localisation.
I am playing the german version of the game and have this little description bug.

F-16A Block 15 DK.jpg
F-16A Block 15 DK.jpg (119.95 KiB) Viewed 932 times

This bug happens to all AIM-7 Sparrows. (So Japan, ANZAC,...)

Can you please fix this small bug? :cry:

Thanks in advance.
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