vehicle recon playstyle suggestion?

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vehicle recon playstyle suggestion?

Postby EzekielAxel » Thu 27 Aug 2020 11:59

It’s known that 10 man shock and SF recon squads are preferable to 5 man recon, except Bedouins and Maglan because they are both deadly battlefield hunters.

When playing Eurocorps, I noticed that Hussards are an attractive choice over Commando Para because you can get more Puma Pirates and upgunned VABs for cheaper, while having more eyes on the field. This suits a sweeping vehicle based playstyle instead of a narrow front shock based playstyle.

I recommend 5 man recon teams for all nations receive access to certain recon tab light vehicles, as transport.

-Hussards receive access to the VBL and VBL Mistral
-Cavalry Scouts recieve access to the CFV series and LAV-25 Scout as transports
-Danish recon team receives access to the Rover series and Vildkat
-Ravedska gains access to the BDRM-3
-Recce in the Coyote.
-And so on with similar relations in other decks.

I wish to support more varied styles for vehicles, infantry, aviation, etc.
thank you for reading

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