Deployment Teleport

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Deployment Teleport

Postby ChristPi » Sat 12 Sep 2020 11:16

I don't know if this is an already known bug but I could find something like this with a search.

In a campaign game, 2 of the helicopters get instantly teleported to the shore after pressing "launch battle".
When zooming in the helicopters are shown in the air but rotors are not moving and they are treated as landed(enemy helicopters shoot them with rockets and missiles).
Moving the helicopters(in deployment phase) fixes the issue(but I still thought that I should report this - in case this gets abusable(I don't want teleport heli rushes))
Moving any other helicopters or ships does not change anything.
Moving only one of the teleporting helicopters will not influence the other.
I could not recreate this so I don't know if this is only doable with this unit, any helicopter or other naval units as well

Sorry if this is an already known bug. I don't know how to share a save file, so the screenshots will have to do.
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