Noob Red Dragon campaign question

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Noob Red Dragon campaign question

Postby aswarola8 » Tue 22 Sep 2020 19:00

Hey guys, noob here. I bought it in the recent sale. I first opened up this game thinking it was gonna be like World In Conflict... I loved that game.

Then I booted it up and looked at the deck builder, saw 1400 units and was like "nope" and alt-f4 out of the game.

I came back to the game later, read the tutorial text, booted up the campaign... immediately lost half my dudes... nope'd out again.

Then later... I read that 200 page guide on steam. Well, 90% of it anyway.

Then I booted up the Korean campaign again... I won a map! VICTOLY! I progressed a while... but how do I buy new units?? The commie scum have some kind of teal colored MiG jets that murder my jets in air to air. But my starting army only has Stinger missile infantry. Is it not possible to buy new units in the campaign?

Also, I can never tell if it is my turn or the enemy's turn...

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Re: Noob Red Dragon campaign question

Postby Sireyn » Sat 26 Sep 2020 05:29

New formations become available as days progress in the campaign. If you take casualties in a formation, it is possible to refit them in certain zones. Ships are refit in ports, aircraft on airfields, and ground units on capitals or other certain locations.

Stingers aren't the best for shooting at aircraft. You want proper SAMs with a high anti-aircraft range (as opposed to anti-helicopter). In air-to-air battles, make sure you have jets with long and short range air-to-air missiles. Use them reactively to intercept enemy jets and then evac.

On the ground, you want to use infantry in buildings as your defensive anchor. Try to pick areas with chokepoints. The AI will swarm you, so keep supply trucks nearby to replenish infantry rockets and use smoke from mortars to block enemy line of sight.

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