New nations/deck types/categories

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New nations/deck types/categories

Postby Soundwolf776 » Fri 29 Nov 2013 15:35

Have anyone had success with creating new deck types, nations or categories?

I think I've added entites everywhere it's required, but I still don't see them in game.

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Re: New nations/deck types/categories

Postby Gonztah » Fri 29 Nov 2013 18:27

I'd like to know this as well. Is it possible to add new nations?

Also I'd like to ask at the same time, is it possible to change a nations name and flag?

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Re: New nations/deck types/categories

Postby FleF[FFR] » Wed 4 Dec 2013 11:36

I would like also to know how. Especially to simply remove the default deck "no bonuses/no constraint" to get only national decks. If I remove the instance 65909 of the TDeckTRulesModifier then I have a crash. Surely because it is declared elsewhere.

but where.... I didn't find it.

I can put 0 activation point in the property DefaultActivationPoint of TShowRoomDeckRuleManager but that wouldn't be clean to remove non national deck from my mod.
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Re: New nations/deck types/categories

Postby wolfss » Mon 28 Apr 2014 11:42

Maybe modifying a nation's name/flag would be easier though, anyone did it before?
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