Reset US LOD images ( Screwed texture )

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Reset US LOD images ( Screwed texture )

Postby londonsmee » Tue 4 Mar 2014 02:50

Hi all

As you may have noticed I've been trying skinning and enjoying myself. Well I may have screwed up the US\lod image when the A10 skin was installed. I'm not sure because I try lots of bits while trying to make sure the skin doesn't cause any issues. The present upload has no issues ( that I'm aware of ) but if you are having models losing their colour and looking black and white this would be why. I could have replaced the lod with a single image.

So Download the file below and restore the US images and your game will be back to default. You will have to rerun any skins you want. I'm very sorry but its a steep learning curve and codes a bit$h. It's a small file 3mbs so will beat downloading a 3Gb file.

Reset for Us lod

Once again, I'm very sorry if it's cause any disruption to your gamming.



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