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Modding SP Campaigns?

Posted: Thu 5 Mar 2015 23:37
by boanerges
This applies to both RD and ALB, to be honest.

First: where can I find the modding tools? When I've followed links to them, I get things that clearly aren't those tools, unless the tools are a single very strangely named .dll file, which seems unlikely. Part of the problem is that since the boards clearly changed URL at some point, all the pointers in the sticky'd post are broken.

Anyway, on to the reason I'm asking: how can I mod the campaigns? Particularly the victory conditions and starting points? I'm almost more curious about W:ALB than I am about Red Dragon; I would really like to be able to stretch out the two NATO campaigns so that I can get more units deployed -- I am always winning before I can get the more expensive and interesting battle groups deployed. Except when the difficulty in the last campaign is cranked all the way up. Then I start getting slaughtered by Soviet Cat A units around turn 8-10. (This is sad. Perhaps someday a General will emerge who will stride that field like a colossus, smiting all before him. But at the moment, I am an not that general. )

And in W:RD it would be kinda cool to change the campaign era's; I just enjoy having late cold war equipment square off against each other. And again, I wouldn't mind messing with the deployment points and time limits and &ct, just so I can do more fighting. If nothing else, it would be nice to have the practice before being embarrassed in multiplayer...

Re: Modding SP Campaigns?

Posted: Fri 6 Mar 2015 00:02
by Shifu
I'd look in RD's forum section to be honest: viewforum.php?f=187

Check out the Battle Group Manager for editing the campaigns ..

Re: Modding SP Campaigns?

Posted: Thu 26 Mar 2015 00:34
by The W:AB Noob
W:AB's and W:RD's formats are very similar, and the same tools can be applied. If you want to learn one-on-one how to get better at W:RD or mod, then friend me on Steam @ The W:RD Noob. However, I will not be around for about 2 weeks, I'm going on a vacation.