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Modding Camera Angle

Posted: Thu 16 Jul 2015 23:35
by darkydark
Hello folks!

I have always to adjust the camera angle when I zoom in/out because the game reset the camera angle in this case. That is very annoying. So I would like to mod the standard camera angle. Could you give me a helpful hint please?


Re: Modding Camera Angle

Posted: Fri 17 Jul 2015 00:54
by The W:AB Noob
This is a PM naizarak sent me a long time ago (seesh, almost 2 years now! :shock: )I'm hoping you know how to use the Modding Suite and how to find NDF_Win.dat
naizarak wrote:Ok let's see:

1. You want to start with the basecamera.ndfbin file. Most of the significant changes are in the TIngameCameraMoverAltitudeInfo class.

2. In that entire list of instances, the ones that relate to default free camera movement are instances 16-22.

3. As you can see, there are a lot of parameters for every instance. Some are self-explanatory, like "VitesseHorizontalRotationDegPerSec", which I believe controls how quickly the camera pivots. Others are obscure and the only way to find out what they do is through pure trial and error. Make a change, load the game, see if it does anything, and go from there.

4. In my mod, the parameters I changed were
a) AltitudeInMeter for instance 16. I changed it from the default "6", to "0.75", which allows the camera to be lowered flat along the ground
b) SiteMax and SiteMin. These control the tile angle of the camera. I set it to +-89.9 for all instances to allow vertical camera placement
c) SitePickRotationHorizontal - this controls the pivot angle of the camera. "90" will hold the camera fixed along its axis when panning.
d) FrontClipping - this sets the limit to how close the camera can get to a unit before clipping through it. This allows the camera to be place point-blank next to units and jets without them disappearing. Extremely low values for certain instances will lead to graphical glitches, so I'd recommend using my settings.

These parameters account for the majority of changes in the mod. If you want to figure out the shortcuts, you'll have to go to the "TInGameCameraMoverKeyboardTranslation" class. There you'll find 3 instances with varying combinations of Forward/BackWard/Rightward power, along with Ctrl/Shift down values. Basically there are 3 presets, each one distinguished by keyboard combinations. You can add ctrl/shift boolean values to null fields by selecting the field, and clicking on "Add Property Value" in the top right corner of the mod suite.

For example, in my mod, instance 2 is vanilla and unchanged(i think). Instance 3 sets forward/backward/rightward power to null, and makes upward power .25, with upwardctrldown enabled. So in game, when the user holds "ctrl", vertical camera movement is hit with a 0.25 multiplier, which makes it slower and easier to control. A similar idea is used in instance 4, except this time the "shift" keys are enabled and forward/downard/rightward power is set to 0.35. When the user holds shift, planar movement is reduced to 35% for enhanced control. Note that setting the multiplier too low will cause the camera to freeze and not move at all.

Finally for the F9 hotkeys, you'll need to open the keyboardshortcutsfinal.ndfbin file, and open the tkeymapping class. There are 3 instances, with each one representing a different game function. Instance 4 will render a game screenshot with hud enabled, instance 5 will render a screenshot with no hud, and instance 6 displays an FPS metric. As with the camera keys, you want to set different combinations of alt/shift/ctrl hotkeys for difference instances to enable them.

Ultimately I'd advise you to open my modded file side-by-side with a vanilla file and look for the differences, this should make it easier to understand how everything works

However, if you don't want to do it yourself, naizarak did it already for you.

Re: Modding Camera Angle

Posted: Fri 17 Jul 2015 17:51
by darkydark
Thank you very much!


Modding Camera Angle

Posted: Sun 3 Feb 2019 11:08
by Timothythove
no body knows anything about the camera daughter board on this model? is it completely dependent on the main pcb?