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Postby Shifu » Thu 14 May 2015 17:58

Update 22/10/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy): Please see here on how to contact the support and receive help:



you're here because you're having a technical problem or because you want to report a bug. To save both, us and yourself, time, please read through this post carefully and follow the instructions given before posting.
If you're only looking for something specific, please see the Tech FAQ.

Before we go on, a short note: For connection issues, please go here (link).

1. Before posting, what should I check and do?
The very first thing is: Restart Steam and if that doesn't work, reboot your computer. This works wonder in some cases.
Else, make sure your graphic and sound drivers are up to date. Verify steam's cache and check if missing content is actually downloaded. If it's not, change your download region and retry.

2. In my first post, what should I include?
  • First of all, your title must be meaningful (i.e. no "halp plz!!!!!"). Also, tag your problem appropriate: When reporting a bug use "[Bug]", choose "[Linux]" or "[Mac]" if you're running such an OS.
  • Then proceed with a detailed description of your problem. The more details, the less questions we'll have to ask before being able to help you. If possible, always include:
    - The game version (go to the main menu, look at the bottom left: the last four digits; Picture thanks The W:AB Noob)
    - Things/steps you've already tried
    - DxDiag (Windows only) or Steam's system information (OS independent)
    - Option.ini
    - Crash dump
    - Savegames (campaign crashes) / replays (especially for bugs)
  • In the spoiler you'll find an example post
    Spoiler : :
    I do have the problem that the game bla bla bla [...]
    Driver status: up-to-date
    Game version: XXXX (Where XXXX are some numbers)
    I alreay tried to do XYZ and ABC (Where XYZ and ABC are things like verify cache etc.)
    [ spoiler=DxDiag ]DxDiag content ...[ /spoiler ] (Remove the whitespace within the brackets)
    [ spoiler=Option.ini ] Option.ini content ...[ /spoiler ] (Remove the whitespace within the brackets)

3. After having received advice ..
Please always report back so we can tag your problem as "[Solved]" (you also can do so if you want). Additionally, please inform us about which steps did help and which didn't, so others can profit. If you don't report back for 72 hours, I'll tag your topic as "[Solved]" and will lock the topic. If there is any need to re-open the case, PM me.

4. I have not received any advice for 48 hours, what should I do now?
If you haven't received any advice nor note that your problem is under investigation, please bump your topic. A simple "bump" is enough. Note, usually the oldest topic is dealt with first, so bumping without need will lead to your issue being solved slower. Also, we do not tolerate misuse of bumps ..

Good luck and sorry for the inconvenience!

P.S: Feedback is appreciated, just send me an PM. Thanks in advance!

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