Frequent crashes

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Frequent crashes

Postby anto-shturmovik » Fri 2 Dec 2016 13:34


I am experiancing issues with WG. When I play a match, after a variable period of time ranging from 5 to maybe 20 or 30 minutes, the image freezes, but the sound continue playing, and mouse or keyboard actions seem to affect the game (sound of map pings playing, unit acknowledging orders etc.). After a few seconds, or if I try to Alt-Tab, the game CTD without any error message.
I was not able to retrieve a crash dump file.
[url =]
Here is the DXdiag[/url].

This problem seemingly appeared a few weeks ago, maybe (but I'm not sure) when I performed a windows reinstall on my laptop.
What information, log files etc, should I provide to help ?

Thank you,

PS. : I'm not sure if the support guys are from Eugen, but if they are French, I can speak French!
Si vous parlez français ce sera plus simple, mais dans le doute j'ai mis mon message en Anglais.
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