LAN not possible with same I.P

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LAN not possible with same I.P

Postby DivinePhantom » Thu 2 Mar 2017 03:40

Hey Eugen,

Nice work on your games. Love them a lot, and I'm talking about your Wargame Series. I have a quick question which I cannot find the answer to. So here it goes. I have a 16 year old brother I would like to teach him how to play Wargame Red Dragon so he can play with me. So I'm guessing what the problem is that people have abused this. So there's no way that there could be two people on the same I.P. address play online together correct?

And if that's the case would future Wargames be like this? Or is there going to be a chance for a LAN system built in whereas an good example would be Blizzards Warcraft III Frozen Throne makes/displays/confirms/and lists out in text that players with same I.P. will be in text so that everyone knows.

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Re: LAN not possible with same I.P

Postby orcbuster » Thu 2 Mar 2017 05:51

2 people can easily play wargame on the same IP adress as long as you have two seperate accounts and an internet connection. You can't play without an internet connection though.
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Re: LAN not possible with same I.P

Postby Shifu » Fri 10 Mar 2017 14:12

Two people playing on one IP address? I guess you mean two people in the same local network behind a router (the router receives only one IP from the ISP), right? This does work perfectly fine for Wargame (just as for any other game), as orcbuster has pointed out. Furthermore, it is correct that you and your brother both will need an account. This is because an internet connection is required to find a lobby and join it.
To clarify orcbuster's answer: Once a game has been launched, no internet connection is required if all participators are on the same LAN. So, there's no true LAN-only mode..

While I cannot speak for decisions of Eugen, I do not see this getting changed for Wargame or any future Eugen game.

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