Heavy stuttering in menu

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Heavy stuttering in menu

Postby Tomcorsnet » Wed 29 Mar 2017 00:01

I played Wargame a few days ago and it worked like a charm. The day after that however, the menu (and the cinematic intros) started to experience some heavy stuttering, and it appeared in WoWS and War Thunder as well. I went to the WoWS forum and found that moving the game files to an SSD will help, which is what I did, but it only fixed WoWS. I have restarted the game and Steam many times, even redownloaded the game but it still doesn't work.
The game is v.

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Re: Heavy stuttering in menu

Postby Shifu » Wed 29 Mar 2017 09:28

Please mail to eugsupport@eugen.fr
I'm currently running short on time. Hence, it takes some time until I respond. In urgent cases, consider contacting another mod.
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