lost profile

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lost profile

Postby Radaeon » Mon 17 Apr 2017 12:06


Long story short my drive that red dragon is on crashed and I have had to recover and reinstall everything. As such I have lost my RD profile. Anyone know how to find it and where to put it so it can be seen by the game?

It is kept locally and I remember doing it 2 years ago and it worked but cant remember how. (thought I searched under wargame3) With over a 1000 games and a 74% win ratio I don't wont to start again.


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Re: lost profile

Postby Shifu » Mon 17 Apr 2017 21:06

Steam *should* sync your profile via their cloud unless you unchecked that option.

Profile data is stored in a file called profile.wargameprofile at /Steam/userdata/_your_user_id_/251060/remote (from memory.. might be mistaken).
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